b'Victoria Leask(continued from page 49) I wake up in the morning and do what I love all day,Despiteherbusy VictoriapursuedherpassionbystudyingInteriorshe commented. It doesnt feel like work. professionalcareer,PORTRAITS IN BLACK AND WHITEDecorating at Conestoga College, graduating in 2019. InDespite the challenges of doing business during theVictoriahascontinued 2020, she completed the Kitchen and Bath Design pro- pandemic, Victoria has enjoyed success with clients seek- asanambassadorfor gram at Georgian College. ingherservicesinredesigningandredecoratingtheircharitablework.In She resides at her family home in Utica, where she hasliving spaces. 2018,sheenteredthe her own bedroom, office and living area, which she lov- Im excited to help people with their house renova- MissDurhamRegion ingly redecorated to suit her taste. She works full time astions, and glad that they trust me to do their designs. TheWorld competition and well as running her own business. The founder and leadhome is a safe space. I like to help make the places peoplewon. designer at LV Design Studio, she recently changed thelive an oasis. It was not just about name of the company to House of Albi. Withpeoplebeingathomemoreduetopandemichavingaprettyface, This ambitious young lady gets up at 6 a.m. and workslockdowns,therehasbeengreatinterestinhomeim- she explained. Yes, there until 10 p.m. provements, said Victoria. People have been using thewere fancy gowns and money that they may have otherwise used for travel tophotoshoots,butthe feather their nests. contestants were judged Always thinking design, Victoria at Sourcing some products has been a problem during thehome in her own oasis in Utica. ontheircharitywork. pandemic. Victoria noted that there have been shortagesVictoria calls it, Beauty of resin for bathtubs and foam for sofas, but this innova- with a purpose. The pageant gave me a platform to show tive designer found ways to improvise. She also tries topeople how they can give back to their community. shop Canadian. Networking and public appearances in Uxbridge and Forexample,theresabeautifulrugfromItaly,Port Perry on Canada Day and interviews on radio sta-she said. But you may find a similar beautiful rug intions KX96 and 105.5 provided an opportunity for VictoriaJonathan van Bilsen will be releasing his 13th book, a Montreal. to continue doing what she does bestinspire others. collection of local and distant personality portraits, pho-I redesign everything from switch plates to tile andShe is appreciative of all of her mentors and support- tographed in black and white. In conjunction with the grout to bed frames, sofas and pillows, to the candlesticksers, especially her mom Brenda. release of the book, an exhibition of some of the portraits on your dining room table, she says. Its all about theHer future goals include growing her business and buy- will be held at the Farndale Gallery, at the Port Perry details to create a welcoming environment. ing a house in Port Perry. And you never know what elseLibrary, 231 Water St., Port Perry starting November 6 at Victoria and her mom Brenda at SickKids in 2015, one of manyI love to redesign a traditional space true to its exist- Victoria will come up with to make the world a better place. 11 a.m. and continues until Christmas.trips, delivering bracelets, crafts, toys and smiles to the kids. ing architecture and bring in modern pieces. By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog Drop by and see if you can pick out people you know.We build made-for-youinsurance solutions foryour home or cottage.LIVE YOUR BEST, stewartmorrison.caLET US DO THE REST. PORT PERRY: 905-985-8078FOCUS - NOVEMBER 202151'