b'THUMBS DOWN - while shaking head to the Town of Scugog. Instead of re-paving (or heaven forbid, repair) one of the choppiest roads in Durham (Middlemarch Rd, enroute to Oakridge Golf Course) they put fresh painted lines over all the potholes and cracks! Go see for yourself, but book an alignment soon after.THUMBS UP - to the young lady from Seagrave that found my wallet in the parking lot outside of Papa Johns Pizza last Sunday (September 26). She took the time and effort to go out of her way to bring my wallet to my house on her way home with her pizza and refusing any reward and offer to pay for her pizza. There are still good and honest people in this world and Im sure glad I met one on that day. Thank you again Kind lady from Seagrave.THUMBS UP - to the gentleman who gives up his weekend time and goes to the fairgrounds and cleans up the garbage (cups, bottles, cans and wrappers) that have been left lying around the grounds and the stages from the night before.THUMBS UP - You may remember that Focus on Scugog published a story on Blackstocks Kirsten Welsh in November 2019. Well Kirsten made headlines recently, by becoming therst woman to be an OHL linesperson during a game between Mississauga and Guelph, with more to follow. Way to go Kirsten. THUMBS DOWN - many irate residents voicing their displeasure that Scugog Council and staff are not required to be vaccinated and yet the message to everyone else is to get it! And we as residents, are not allowed in any township buildings, i.e. recreation centre, library, museum, the list goes on. Wherein does any of this make sense?THUMBS UP - to Johnny & the Generics & Friends who played in front of Bob Prentice Barber Shop on October 1st in celebration of Port Perrys 150th. When playing and entertaining the crowd with old favourites, they also raised $1371.55 for the PPHF Here for You CT scanner.Do you have a Thumbs up or down that you wouldlike to see published?Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to: focus@focusonscugog.comHair905.985.2508Solutions FOCUS - NOVEMBER 202119WelcomesPaul Rogers, HairdresserFinally Found A New Home88 Water St., Port Perry'