b'Stewarts granddaughter Christine, had this banner made up for the celebration held at the legion.Veteran Cpl. Stewart Bray survived the war, escaped contracting COVID-19, and lived to celebrate his land-mark 100th birthday. Thesymbolicredpoppywasdesignatedasthe Legionsoral symbol of remembrance in July of 1921, and Stewart was born in October of 1921. AnafternoonpartywasplannedforSaturday, October 2 at the Port Perry Legion Hall. Stewart was happy to get together with his family, which includes seven children, 19 grandchildren and nine great grand-children. He is going to be a great great grandfather next March.Some live far away, so I dont get to see them very much, the birthday boy commented before the event.Thecentenarianproudlyworehisuniform,deco-rated with his war medals, for the occasion.CarolDayes,Stewartsdaughter,said,Theparty was wonderful.Relatives and friends came from all over, including Cambridge, Bobcaygeon, Barrie and Dundas. Stewart was set up with a comfortable chair and a little table, so people could stop by to o er their best wishes. A surprise visitor, Colonel John, gave a speech and pre-sented Stewart with a special certi cate. Stewarts sister Verna Atwood, 95 years young, was pleased to attend.Carols daughter Christine had a Happy 100th ban-ner made up, with photos of Stewart at di erent stages of his life, including a picture of his wedding to June, who sadly passed away three years ago. The Legion ladies put on a great lunch as usual, said Carol. There was a giant chocolate cake with white icing and huge blue and yellow roses.Carol needs to do some counting to be sure if the goal of receiving 100 cards for her Dads 100th birthday was Stewart during a brief break from the many well wishers who poppedreached.in to the legion to wish him a happy 100th birthday. Please turn to page 3230 F OCCUUSS NSOEVPETMEMBEBRER 2 0220116 FOFOCUCSUS S NEOPVTEEMMBBEERR22001261 3130FO31'