b'A LEGACY OF CARINGCathryn M. Hall was in her garden,If you are inspired by Cathryns aplaceshedearlyloved,whenshestory,pleaseconsiderinclud-passed away peacefully at the age of 87ingagifttoPortPerryHospital earlier this year. She had been undergo- Foundationinyourwill.Your ing treatment for cancer and was trav- legacy will one day help with the ellingtotheDurhamRegionCancerneedsofyourcommunityshos-Centre at Lakeridge Health Oshawa forpitalandthepatientswhocome care,includingregularCTscans.Shethrough its doors.hadrecentlytoldherniecesthatsheWealwaysrecommendyou was happy to hear that the Port Perryseek counsel from a trusted advisor Hospital Foundation was raising fundssuch as your Estate Lawyer when to bring a CT scanner to Port Perry. Sheconsidering a planned gift.could see how it would make care thatWe also encourage you to speak much easier for patients. to the Foundation oce to ensure Cathrynsfamilyandcommunitycorrect wording.Plus, when you wereveryimportanttoher.Shehadlet the Foundation know, it allows grown up in Port Perry and followingCathryn Hall ustheopportunitytosaythank her career in teaching in Toronto, hadyou,today,forthewonderful returned home. In her will, along with providing for thelegacy to the community you plan to leave one day in people she loved, she had also included a future gift tothe future. Port Perry Hospital Foundation.Contact Foundation CEO, Rachel Agnoluzzi at She could never have known at the time she made her905-985-7321 ext. 45581 to learn more.will, that with her legacy donation today she is helping to ensure a CT scanner at our hospital. What a di erence she is making for the community she loved and called home. Cathryns gift is one of two bequests that are helping to ensure the Here for You campaigns success. ThroughTo make your donation count today, these generous supporters gifts in their wills, they havecall the oce at 905-985-7321 ext. 45580. left a wonderful legacy to the community; the best in careDonate online at www.pphfoundation.ca. close to home. Mail in your donation to We are closer to our goal of bringing a CT and other es- Port Perry Hospital Foundation, sential equipment to Port Perry because of plans they made451 Paxton St. Port Perry ON L9L 1L9some time ago. Were humbled by such thoughtfulness.LCBO, Beer Store DELIVERYConvenience, Groceries, from any RestaurantRestaurant in Port Perry to your doorPortPerryDelivery.com 289-354-1982905-213-4690 PortPerryFood.com10 FOCUS - NOVEMBER 2021'