b'On August 1, the poppy project was at the half way The sign board grew and grew, until the goal was reached on October 1.RughookingbackingandburlapHonourPHOTO BY MARYANN FLEMINGdidnt pan out either, said Sandy. Theysettledonattachingthepoppiesto chicken wire. Its sturdy and weather-proof, Sandy noted.agroupofthe FallenVolunteers,including ladies from Kings Bay, signed up to tie the individual poppies to the wire. A few of the 25 women that knitted or crocheted poppies during one of many assembly days at the Legion. L-R; Bernie Mason, Betty Couch,We hope to cover the length of one Chris Acton, Sandy Durham, Rose Doyle, Judy Phinney and sitting on theoor, Port Perry Legion Executive Member Sandy Spiers. part of the fence this year, and expand thepoppyprojectnextyear,Sandy Handmade PoppiesSee How They Grow! said. Maybe in the future, poppies willow from the roof or behind the ceno-Im so pleased that we met the imaginary target ofyour comfy chair or while watching TV, she noted. taph. This was just the start.3,000 poppies, commented Port Perry Legion ExecutivePatterns were available at the Legion hall or on theOne lady donated a banner featur-Member Sandra (Sandy) Spiers. The community reallyPPPPFacebookpage.SandysaidtheonlyruleswereingthesloganLESTWEFORGET, came together to make the 2021 Port Perry Poppy Projectto use red wool with black centres, like the traditionalwhichmaybeincorporatedintothe (PPPP) an amazing success. Legion poppy.design. Another lady from a sheep farm Approximately25womenknittedorcrotchedeachEverysoldierisdi erent,shepointedout,SoIdroppedo abeautifulsinglepoppy individual poppy. Never Enough Wool gave discountsliked the idea that all of the poppies were not exactly themade ofeece.to the poppy creators. Others donated yarn or money tosame. Peoplecameoutofthewood-purchase it, just to be part of something wonderful. Because the poppy is copyrighted, it was necessaryworko eringtheirtalents,Sandy People saw the value in it, Sandy observed. It wasto get approval from Command to do the poppy project,commented.supposed to be a fun time and a great way to get togetherSandy explained. That took some time, so we had a latePhotos of the work in progress can to celebrate our soldiers. start. But we reached our goal, and that put a smile onbeseenonthePPPPFacebookpage, The progress of poppy donations was tracked on a gi- my face. and a video is being made.ant PPPP thermometer sign donated by Fred of SignworksSandy Spiers shares credit for the PPPP with the otherA creative idea for the future is hav-ing people make granny patch poppies, Canada in Port Perry. Sandy, Sandy Durham and everyone who helped out. and sewing them together into a blanketwww.mbjlawyers.comBy June 30, there were 250 poppies. By July 7- 500 pop- Counting the poppies as they were dropped oat theto be raed oas a Legion fundraiser.pies. By August 1 - 1500 poppies. By September 11 - 2,250clubhouse was an ongoing task, so the latest tally couldThe year 2021 will go down in his-poppies. And by October 1, the Port Perry Poppy Projectbe posted on the thermometer sign. tory forever as the year that the PortBrooklin Port Perryreached its goal of 3000 poppies. After gathering all of theowers, the real work com- Perry Poppy Project began, in conjunc- rsttion with the 100th anniversary of the79 Baldwin St N 229 Mary St.Sandy reported that some ladies made in excess of 500menced theweek of Octoberattaching all of the poppies. Others made 10 or 50. All were appreciated. poppies to a background suitable for hanging outdoors.adoption of the poppy as the LegionsBrooklin ON L1M 1A4 Port Perry ON L9L 1B7Each poppy takes about 30 minutes to create, and oneFishnet was used for the backing for the dramatic trail ofsymbol of remembrance. Tel (905) 620-4499 Tel (905) 985-4141skein of yarn yields 30 poppies, said Sandy, who madepoppies adorning the Tower of London, but that wasnt around 200 herself. Its a fun activity to do at home inavailable.By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog44 F OCCUUSS NSOEVPETMEMBEBRER 2 0220116 FOFOCUCSUS S NEOPVTEEMMBBEERR22001261 4544FO45'