b'Throughout history, animals have been used to support war e orts. Mules carried artil- We Rememberlery, horses transported troops and hauledeld guns, pigeons delivered crucial messages, CatsREMEMBERING.served as companions during wartime and kept ships free of vermin. and dogs have servedThisRemembranceDay,theOntario as messengers, medical assistants, bomb detectors, and search and rescue workers. SPCA and Humane Society has released a new commemorative Animals in War collectible pin. Therst pin was launched in 2017 to recognize the war-time contributions of animals. The collection now includes 111111 a horse, dog, pigeon, and this year, the new commemora-tive pin features a cat. NEVER FORGET The Animals in War pin is designed to be worn along-side your poppy to remember our veterans and the ani-mals who bravely served by their side.Proceeds from pin sales help provide care for animals in need and $1 from each pin sold is donated to Royal Canadian Legion branches to support their members.THE COURAGE ANDSACRIFICE OFOUR VETERANS.CAT DOG PIGEON HORSE 216 Queen St., Port Perry905-985-21712014 2018 2018 Order a pin online at https://bit.ly/AnimalsInWar_2021 www.waggfuneralhome.comChoRiecae dAewrsards ChoRiecaed Aewrsards ChoRiecae dAewrsards or call 1-888-668-7722 ext. 360 The Poppy LadyMyles G. ORiordan Funeral Director/OwnerPORT PERRY STAR PORT PERRY STAR PORT PERRY STAR from France Please turn to page 51BESTBESTBEST DENTAL OFFICE DENTIST DENTAL OFFICE\x1f\x1e\x1f\x1e \x1f\x1e\x1f\x1e Madame AnnaGurin,laterchristenedThePoppy BEST DENTAL OFFICE BEST DENTIST BEST HYGIENISTS BEST DENTAL OFFICE BEST DENTIST BEST DENTAL SERVICE Lady from France, inspired by John McCraes In Flanders 462 Paxton Street, Port Perry Fields, had an idea: to adopt the distribution of the Poppy on Armistice Day as a way to raise money for Veterans Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building needs and to remember those who had given their lives 905-985-8459 during the First World War.www.dentistportperry.com InJulyof1921theGreatWarVeteransAssociation (which in 1925 would unify with other Veteran groups to form the Canadian Legion) adopted the Poppy as thePORT PERRY flower of Remembrance. MEDICAL SUPPLIES LTD.Please turn to page 51Since then, the Legion and its members have upheld462 Paxton Street, Unit 104, Port Perrythis tradition of Remembrance. 905-982-2777mail@portperrymedicalsupplies.comIn honour of those who served,In memory of those who fell,Lest we forget THANK YOU VETERANS.Remembering and honouring our heros278 Queen Street, Port Perry 905-985-2159 16210 Island Rd., Port Perry905-985-8698 x 103 museum@scugog.cawww.scugog.ca/museum34 F OCCUUSS NSOEVPETMEMBEBRER 2 0220116 FOFOCUCSUS S NEOPVTEEMMBBEERR22001261 3534 FO 35'