b'sized bed, only higher. Our family of four would sleep under Michelle and Johnthe shelter for nights on end. It filled the room downstairs.Stephens owners ofThis story wasSometimes when my father was at work, my mother, sis-Port Perry Salvage,submitted byter, and I would sleep in this shelter. We would wait for the Pamela Smith,sirens to go off, run to the shelter, and hide under the blanket. Rememberingtold by herMy mother would have us say our prayers. Then we would all Veteransmother, alsolisten for the enemy aircraft to come over the house. It was very who served named Pamelafrightening. The doodle bugs were the worst. They came, Smith, would stop, and explode. You could hear them coming, and it who was inwas terrifying as they went over your head. One evening, my World War II.mother carried me upstairs in this blanket, and through the Her momwindow we watched the bombing of London, which was called passed this on The Blitz a scene that has stayed with me forever and ever.to her husband,The blanket and the shelter became a useful hiding spot forPamela gifting her son-in-law Brent with the old grey blanket and Brent, on hisa young child like me. I would tell my mother there was anof course, Winkler. 52nd birthday. angel in the window during the times we would spend in there.One Day, my new son-in-law, Brent, saw the blanket and She would say hush Pamela, you are scaring us, so I keptsaid how beautiful the weaving was, and how splendid it was quiet about my angel, and would curl up with my corner ofas a war blanket.A young Pamela Smith, back in the daysthe blanket. Now, as time goes by, it is time to give away such treasures, during the war. The war came and went. In 1945 it ended. We were safe atthat I have kept over the years.last. In 1952 my family immigrated to Canada. The gray, beau-The story of the oldtifully woven, wool blanket came with us in a box with some ofSo Brent, I give this splendid blanket to you for your birth-day, knowing that you will want it, and will treasure it as long Port Perry Salvage Inc. our belongings. I had it on my bed for years. Our dog Macas I have, over the years to come. I hope there will be times it & DEMOLITION Grey Blanket. had it on his bed for many years. It has been in the family forwill give you the comfort that it gave my family. Take good care about 78 years or so. It got quite shabby looking as it got older.of it and do with it what you will.132 Reach Industrial Park Rd., Port Perry The blanket was a real treasure to me. It has been in theThe edges were frayed and worn. It was never cleaned. Last to Yard 905-985-61211-877-587-4557 family for as long as I can remember. use it, were my two little grand dogs, Zoey and Winkler, as ILove you, and a very happy birthday to you, Way back at the beginning of World War II, my father, whopulled them in a wagon when they both had injured legs. your Mom. (Pamela)was in the Home Guard, in Gravesend, Kent, England, at that time, was given this blanket as part of his equipment for his services. He also had a bucket, pump, heavy army coat, metal hat, a gas mask, sand, and a few other items to serve in theFor those who leave Home Guard. never to return. In the evenings he would go out and tend to his duties.For those who return When he returned he always brought his blanket with him and would throw it over my sister and I as we lay sleeping in ourbut are never the same. bed. Oh I remember the warm feeling it gave to me, and it soonWe Remember. became my favourite blanket. I had one corner to tickle my nose, and my sister had the other.In those dreadful days and nights of bombing, during the war, the blanket kept us safe and warm. Sometimes, when the bombing was very heavy, we would sleep in our indoor shelter.Contracting Inc.This was a huge, iron metal like table, possibly the size of a kingwww.weisflockcontracting.comGone, but Never Forgotten.We Remember.Glenn & Kelly and staff would like to thank those who sacrificed to allow us our freedom. KnowledgeIntegrityExperience1575 Highway 7A, Port Perry st TAYLOR FORD 1PORT PERRY 1565 Hwy. 7A, Port PerrySCOUT GROUP 905-985-3655(Beside Walmart)www.taylorfordsales.com250 Shanly Street |Port Perry905-982-1177 905-985-8507 portperryscouting.com 905-982-2650 |mcmurtrylaw.ca Seasonal Hours:Mon - Fri: 8-6; Sat: 8-442 FO CU FOFOCUCSUS S NEOPTVEEMMBBEERR22001261 4342 CU4342 F OC USSS- N NSOEOVPVETEMEMMBBEBERER R 22 0202201116FO'