b'An original poem . TWO MINUTESIn the eleventh month, #41 Port Perry on the eleventh day,at the eleventh hour Army Cadet Corps:tradition holds sway. Whats It All About?Lest we forget thosewho answered the call,the brave men and womenWhen Samantha Demels son Noel expressed an inter-who sacrificed all. est in joining Army Cadets, she made a phone call tond Acknowledging officersout more about the program. and troops in the ranks Does this mean that he will have to join the Army those airmen and sailors,whenheturns18?sheasked.Theanswerwasno, which gave her a feeling of relief.those driving the tanks. That was 10 years ago, and since that time, three of her Stop, stand and attend andfour sons have bene ted from the Cadet program. Sam remember the past herself also got involved and she has gone up through the with a prayer that the peace ranks, due in a very large part in having husband Karl by we enjoy now, will last. her side, who is so supportive and biggest cheerleader. Even after my sons left, I stayed on, said Sam. SheSams military roots run deep as shown on her walls at home Revera Written by L. Patricia Bayley quit for two weeks, missed it, and went back. Im pas- with family memorabilia.remembers \x1fey gave theirsionate about this amazing program, Sam said. Supportand the parking lot at Vos Independent Grocers, in ap-Who knew I would be joining too and become part of the Canadian Armed Forces? she added.preciation for Terry Vos providing food for their events.SamstartedoutastheSecretaryforthe Before the pandemic, you may have visited the Cadets Committee,whichfocusesonfundraising.Thenintent at the Port Perry Fair, with a huge in atable, and a February of 2020, she was sworn in as an ocer. HerDVD slide show set to music, promoting their activities. Port Perry Villa recognizes the bravetraining, which had to be online due to the pandemic, Cadets participate in parades either by marching or men and women who served theirtomorrows continued, and in June of 2021, Sam was promoted to theplayinginstruments.Samssonsareallverymusical. country and fought for our freedom.rank of 2nd Lieutenant, via a Zoom meeting. She laughsNoelhasservedasleadpiperforRemembranceDay so we could havewhen she tells the story of her son William getting outservices. William and Ben both play the drums. Her other We are proud to serve the manyof the pool to come to the computer to open the secretson, Karl, didnt join Cadets because he is a semi-pro Veterans who now call Revera home. our todays envelope and make the award presentation to her on livepaintball champion in Ontario. stream. Sam also received her military PIPSpins for her Some youth get busy with part -time jobs, sports or On Remembrance Day, we thank you. Lest We Forget uniform to denote rank. schooling, so they dont stay on for the whole seven-year Sam also has her Food Safety certi cation and CPR. Sheprogram, said Sam. Army Cadets welcomes all boys and loves her career as an ECA (Early Childhood Assistant)girls aged 12 to18.for the YMCA before and after school programs at S.A.Outdoor activities are a big part of the Cadet program. Cawker School. The Cadets enjoy Tree Top Trekking and Field TrainingSince she moved to Port Perry 11 years ago, Sam hasexercises,whichincludeswintercamping.Theresbi-Port Perry Villa met so many local young people. When the Cadets seeathlonsandmarksmanshiptraining.Cadetsarepaid 15987 Simcoe Street, Port Perry her in the halls or on the street, they all greet her properlyto attend camp. Some of their accomplishments can be as Sam, not Mrs. Demel. used for high school credits. Awards and bursaries are 905-985-3312reveraliving.comI love to work with kids, Sam commented. I like toavailable.see them blossom. Many former Cadets still come to see Cadets are taught manners, Sam pointed out. Her me. I am happy to see that they are doing well. sons are quick to hold doors open for people, or help with heavyparcels.ItsalwaysSirorMaam.Proudly, A CADETS LIFE Sam said her sons shined their boots brighter than she Proud partner with the So what do Cadets actually do? The list is varied.did and took good care of their uniforms with pride.Royal Canadian Legion. 905-260-2346missellandscaping.com Their main sponsor is Port Perry Legion Branch 419, soTravel is another bene t of being a Cadet. The local the Cadets are involved in putting on veterans dinnersCadets had the wonderful opportunity to go on trips at the Legion Hall and helping to keep the property pris- to Quebec and Washington, D.C. HARDSCAPELANDSCAPEDESIGN tine. Their community service also includes road and trail clean up, at the causeway, Re ection Park, the waterfrontPlease turn to page 4846 F OCCUUSS NSOEVPETMEMBEBRER 2 0220116 FOFOCUCSUS S NEOPVTEEMMBBEERR22001261 4746FO47'