b'PORT PERRYS 150th Entertainment for All Some Faces of PP 150CELEBRATIONSunday October 3 was aculmination of summer celebrations.Enjoy the photos and comments from the Port Perrys 150th committee.1. Bella Magic got a lot of attention before her show on Queen St.1. At 1 p.m. the Tartan 2. The Magician.Parade marched up3. Horse and Buggy rides donated by Lake Scugog Lumber.Queen St. from theLatcham Centre. 4. Carson, Wes and Brooks Lance watch as Jennifer Noble and TartanParade2. Also part of thedaughter Izzy decorate their cookies at the booth of Mrs. Fields Bake House and Caf.Tartan Parade were5. The inflatables were a big hit.the beautiful Golden Retrievers.Thank you to all the sponsors for your support inmaking PP 150ths birthday such a wonderful success. ~ Committee member, Julie Curran What a breath of fresh air to once again talk in person to the community about the interwoven important What a phenomenal summer celebrating PP 150. Historical town folk amazed at the changes to theirstory of Port Perry and Lake Scugog.~ Committee Chair, Wilma Wotten town and waterfront, in look, fashion and activities.~ Committee representative of Scugog Lake Stewards,~ Committee member, Bev Brown Barbara KartheinDelicious FoodCelebrating Port Perrys 150th was amazing despite the challenges we faced! Thank you to everyone who helped make this a success! Love our community. ~ Committee member, Lana Crosbie 1. Once again, cupcakes,generously donated byCommunity celebrating together. Vos Independent Grocers. ~ Committee member, Leanne Kealy 2. Port Perry Rotary Clubserved up a pancake breakfast.Musical Entertainment1. Billiard Blossomperformed in front1. Mr. and Mrs Joseph Bigelow (aka Bev Brown and Dale St John) were3.Wilma Wotten, Port Perrys 150th Chair, was rightinto it,of the Post Office.on hand for the festivities. having her face painted and then enjoying the magician.2. Claidhmor2. Mayor Bobbie Drew accepts a smudging from Councillor Jeff Forbes4. Julie Curran, Port Perrys 150th Committee member, performed atof the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation in Palmer Park made her own stamp at META4 Gallery.the Gazebo in Palmer Park. PHOTOS BY MARYANN FLEMING3. Our veryown crooner Irwin Smith, entertaining at Palmer Park. 4. Johnny &the Generics and Friends performed in front of Bob Prentices5. A crowd gathering in the park to hear both the speeches and the soothing sounds of Irwin Smith. Barber Shop.To be the successes they were, the PP 150 celebration events all needed community participation, from the organizers, the volunteers and the participants. Thank you to an amazing community.~ Committee member, Martha CassonFOCUS - NOVEMBER 202121'