b"Get in the Christmas Spiritwith a Santa Claus Paradeand more at the fairgroundsJillian Howsam has already had a chat with Mother Nature to arrange beautiful weather for the walk-by Santa Claus parade planned for Saturday December 4, from 5 -8 p.m. In case of inclement weather, the plan may have to change to a drive-by parade, she cautioned. Check the Chamber website and the Port Perry Bulletin for updates.Theoat before . Theoat has been freshly painted and refurbished and More Attractions volunteers still painting the reindeers in time for the parade.More like a Christmas Festival, parade night at the PortThe Port Perry Santa Claus parade is a joint project Perry Fairgrounds will also feature decorated ChristmasbetweentheScugogChamberofCommerceandthesignstrees and live music. The public is invited to stroll by toLions Club, noted Jill, who is co-chair along with Kristen admire the stationaryoats and other attractions. Meyer-Creamer. vehicleTo commemorate Port Perrys 150th; the theme for theJill has been involved in organizing the local parade forTrophies, Awards, lettering oats is Christmas Together Since 1871. 20 years, ever since she joined the Chamber. A parade en- Jill said she is hoping that participants will go all outCorporate Promotions & graphicsto createwith an old-fashioned Christmas theme.thusiast, she started volunteering with Christmas paradesEmbroideryGraphic Design oatswhen she was 12 years old.Engraving Screen Printing boat names There will be a maximum of 35-40and no com- snowmobileoats,Ive always loved Santa Claus parades, Jill comment-mercial vehicles this year due to space restrictions. ThePineridge Impress lettering Since 1996ed. She is hoping that everyone will love the innovative& numberscost to enter aoat will be $100. 2021 parade event. 905-985-2839 SignworkScanada.comFloats will be judged on the following categories: Best135 North Port Road,Reach & Northport Rd., Details are notnalized yet, but Jill said that some pro- Port PerryLight Show, Best Junior Float, Most Detailed Theme Floatceeds from parade night, might go to a local charity. www.pineridgeimpress.ca Port Perrydepicting Christmas Together Since 1871, and Best FloatBy Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog Your Name is Our Business 905-985-0802Overall Embracing the Spirit of the Season.The guest of honour, Santa Claus, will be in attendance to delight the children. Santasoat, which is 25 years old, recently got a facelift, Jill said. Theres new garland. Karen Meyer, Kristen Meyer-Creamer, Jillian Howsam, Michael Filip, Bob Porter, Suzy Francis, Sandy Parkes,SOLD!Laura Smith, Sarah Sutton and Barb Tomcheski lovingly touched up the paint on the reindeer and houses.Christmas Tree Contest Inventory of existing property for sale inNew this year is the Christmas Tree Contest. Heres how it works. Terry Vos of Vos Independent Grocers isthe GTA has hit a 25 year low and demanddonating up to 30 trees. Interested members of the publicJUST SOLD IN SCUGOG! for homes is high!can pick up a tree, decorate it, and then donate it for the auction. These beautiful trees will be on display at theIf you're thinking of Selling your Scugog or Durham Regionfairgrounds for visitors to enjoy on parade night. The auc-tionwill be done the week before, so the lucky winnersSOLD! home in the next 12 months, call today! Save Money andcan pick up their fully decorated trees to take home atMaximize Value while rates are at an all-time low.8 p.m. on December 4. There is a $50 entry fee. Six musicians, bands or choirs, will be booked to per- Call 905-442-5847 and get a start on securing your future!form for an hour and a half each during the three-hour event, to add to the holiday ambience.Jill explained that up to 40 volunteers will be on hand at the walk-by parade, to make sure that people keep moving along, and to ensure social distancing, in keepingMake The Right Move withwith their approved COVID safety plan.During the pandemic in 2020, Port Perry had a virtualWilliams & Follows!parade online. 905-442-5847Notingthattherehavebeenmanyenquiriesabout 2021 parade plans, Jill commented, Everyone wants toKeithWilliams LisaC.Follows NicoleD'Amico williamsandfollows.comget back to normal and celebrate special traditions. Broker Broker ClientConciergeFOCUS - NOVEMBER 20219"