b'Alan Lamb jumps out of planeSixty-two-year-oldAlanLambToronto, based out of Cookstown. Thethe Oak Ridges Hospice. haveexpressedinterest,includingfee kiosk tips and other initiatives.always wanted to jump out of anday of the big jump was August 21.Alansjobistodomaintenancetwo local medical doctors. After touring the hospice, she de-airplane. It was cold up there, Alan report- atthePortPerryMedicalCentreTheChairofthePortPerryscribed it as, homey and gorgeous. It was on my bucket list, he ex- ed. Next time I think I should pickBuilding.Medical Centres Social CommitteeIt even has a patio with a BBQ.plained. So I thought, why not raisewarmer weather for a jump. IjustwentaroundthebuildingLeahHockleycommented,AlanAlan also has high praise for the moneyforthehospiceatthesameThere was very little training, hewithmysponsorshipformsonaisamazingforputtingsomethingnewhospice.Hehadexperience time? explained.Hewatcheda20-minuteclipboard, and people were very gen- on his bucket list to raise money forwithhospicesbeforehecameto Hewasup12,500feetwhenheinstructionalvideo.Then,out ttederous, he said. Medical centre sta ,charity. CanadafromLondon,Englandin jumped. I went through the clouds. Itwith two parachutes, one for emergen- membersofthepublic,familyandAlan pointed out that ongoing- 2007.was the biggest thrill of my life. cies, Alan made the big leap from thefriends all chipped in. nancial support is important for theInLondon,bothAlanandhis There was a fast 200 kilometres anplane with his tandem master Adrian,Dr. Steve Russell, Medical Directoroperationofthenewhospice,thefather worked in a hospice, so he hour, 45-second free fall before Alanwho gave him signals by tapping onofthehospice,encouragedAlansonly one in the region of Durham. speaksfrompersonalexperience opened the chute.his arm. The 91-year-old owner wasuniquefundraiserandwasveryOn September 30, another gener- whenhesays,Itchangedme, Alan says he wasnt scared at all,down below, manned with a radio andgrateful, Alan said. ous cheque for $4,671 was presentedworking at the hospice. It made me but his wife Joyce was. She accompa- binoculars. Others have been inspired to jointo the Oak Ridges Hospice from thesee things in a better light. A lot of nied him, along with his friend JP. It was an incredible, amazing ex- Alan in a Jump for Hospice next year,Port Perry Medical Centre. Leah or- good can come out of it.Afterlookingupopportunitiesperience, Alan described. Also amaz- possibly at the end of June, when thechestrated a month long fundraiser on the Internet, Alan chose Sky Diveing is the fact that he raised $3,660 forweather is warmer. Eight individualswhich included ice-cream sales, cof- By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog Alan back on solid ground, with his buddy JP.QUALITY PARTSFAIR PRICINGQUALITY SERVICEGiving back to our community,In Memory of my Dad Chuck WillesFrom October 1st to December 24th we will donate to $10.00 for every set of 4 new Snow Tires sold$3.00 for every set of 4 tires bolted on$5.00 for every set of Snow Tires mounted & balancedCall Erin to book an appointment1511 Reach Street, Unit 2, Port PerryMark, Erin, Jarett & KalidenAppointments:905-985-9292 Mon - Fri: 8 to 512 FOCUS - NOVEMBER 2021'