b'Sam Demel(continued from page 47)When she asked her sons to comment on the advantageFrom Crafts for Kids to Interior Designing to Miss Durham Region World .of being a Cadet, all three agreed that it was about mak-ing lasting friendships. They also mentioned leadershipYOUNG ENTREPRENEUR abilities, con dence building, survival skills and teaching methods as other bene ts. VICTORIA LEASKWe all love the program, Sam enthused. Many regular activities have been put on hold due toCONTINUES TO INSPIRE OTHERS TO HELP MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACECOVID-19, but regular meetings continue to take place on Zoom on therst Wednesday of each month.Its been a learning curve, Sam commented, about Do you ever wonder whatever happened to that youngI like to give back, Victoria commented.doing everything online. We miss being in person. girl who organized a charity for SickKids years ago?An ambitious teen, Victoria got involved in the YoungLessons and presentations have continued online onVictoria Leask, now age 22, was in grade eight at S.A.EntrepreneurPitchCompetitionhostedbytheBrock subjects such as Leadership.Cawker School in Port Perry when she rallied fellow stu- Youth Centre. She established her own business paintingEveryone is looking forward to getting together withdents to cheer up SickKids patients. furniture. Some of it was distressed in the shabby chic their friends again when it is safe, said Sam. Theholidaysaremyfavouritetimeofyear,saidstyle popular at that time. She was happy to place third.SomeoftheCadetshavereallygrownsincetheVictoria.ShewantedIlearnedsomuchby pandemic hit 20 months ago, she pointed out. She sawtodosomethingspecialcreating a business plan, she a Cadet on the street the other day. He really sproutedfor a classmate and othersaid. I was able to network up! she noticed. New uniforms and boots will be neededchildrenatSickKidsdur- and make some sales.for future parades. ing the festive season. TheAs well as furniture re n- Fundraising is important to keep Cadets going, toentirestudentpopulationishing,thiscreativeyoung provideuniforms,biathlont-shirtsandprogramming.ended up getting involvedladyaddedanotherproduct The annual tag sales, which are a main source of revenue,inmakingfriendshiptoherhomebusiness.She had to be put on hold because of COVID-19. In the past,bracelets and craft kits topaintedpicturesonpillows Cadets have organized bake sales, pancake breakfasts,Sam just after being sworn in as an Of cer by Captain Harveymakegreetingcardsandand sold them as original art. pasta dinners and bottle drives. Brown, Commanding Of cer, 41 Port Perry Army Cadets. bookmarks. They were very popular, By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog I wanted the childrenshe said.PHOTO COURTESY OF CAL TRIPP OF TRIPP CRREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHYatSickKidstoknowthatThroughtheBusiness A LITTLE BITanother child was thinkingAdvisoryCentreDurhamofthemwhentheywere(BACD) Victoria was able to OF HISTORY inthehospital,Victoriagetasummergranttostart Mayor Drew and The 41 Port Perry High School Army Cadet Corps hascommented. herownbusiness,Artistic been going strong for over a century. The fourth oldest, itAftergraduatingfromRenewals Furniture Painting. Members of Council was formed on November 28, 1898. In 1949, #41 becameelementary school, VictoriaRevenueaddedup.I remember and honouraliated with the Ontario Regiment (RCAC.) Originally, itlookedforawaytocon- savedenoughtobuyallof was sponsored by the Ontario County Board of Education.tinue her charitable work.myfamilyandfriendsnice our heroes. The Durham Board of Education sponsored pre 1983, theAconversationwithherChristmaspresents,shere-Cadet Corps. On April 3, 1998, Port Perry Legion Branchmath teacher Mrs. Hill ledmembers proudly. 419 was approved as a co-sponsor of the Corps. The Cadettoamorningannounce- Ingrade12,atage17, oce is in Port Perry High School and Captain HarveymentonthePAatPortVictoriapursuednewini-Lest We Forget Brown is the current Commanding Ocer. PerryHighSchool.Thetiatives. At the Scout Hall, sheFor more information on this great programresultwasthecollectiontaughtfurniturepaintingto for youth, check out 41armycadets.ca or theofover1000DVDsandadultsandranweekendart portableDVDplayerstoclasses for kids.National Aboriginal Veterans41 Port Perry Army Cadet Corps Facebook page donate to SickKids.Theparentscoulddrop Day November 8 or email 41armycadets@gmail.com. Itwasamazing,their children ofor art class Victoria recalls. There wasand go shopping. It worked a fun pizza party for theBeauty with a purpose certainly resonates with Victoria. well.Remembrance Day Are you a cadet? class that donated the most. Creativeprojectsranged November 11 Have you been involved Victoria also organized the donation of new toys forfrom painting with dish soap to paper collages to Victorias in the military or served in any capacity? young patients, and gathered fun little items for SickKidsfavourite, making sculptures of hamburgers.If so, please email us atTreasure Box. I always knew exactly what I wanted to do for a ca-focus@focusonscugog.comIf a kid has something scary coming up, like an IVreer something creative, she said.and we will consider publishing a storyor chemo, they get to pick something from the TreasureIn grade nine, Victoria enjoyed spending a day with in-Box, she explained. Examples range from small toys toterior designer Sue Bennett of Bennett Design Associates of your experiences in ourlip balms.in Uxbridge as part of Take a Kid to Work Day.2022 Remembrance Day feature. Victoria also introduced the Treasure Box idea at the hospitals in Oshawa and Peterborough.Please turn to page 5048FOCCUUSS NSOEVPETMEMBEBRE R2 022011648 FO FOCUS - NOVEMBER 202149'