b'Like everyone else, life throws us many curves, and as long as we keep looking and moving forward, hope-fully we make it out a more enlightened and stronger person.HOURS:The other question was how I wanted to be remem-by Deborah Jones Finotti,bered, thats a tough one, I could type page after pageSunday, Monday Advertising Representative, Focus on Scugog of a lot of gibberish on how wonderful I am, but that wouldnt be true. & Wednesday The most important people to me are family, friendsNoon - 7 p.m. Last year I talked about my parents for RemembranceI have thought at times, I wish I could go back andand friends that are family, and that encompasses a lotThursday to Saturday Day, my Dad was an ocer in the Canadian Merchantrethink a decision or do something di erently, but myof people. Noon - 8 p.m.Marines and my Mum was a WAAF Womens AuxiliaryDad had a philosophy, to never wish your life away, itsI want people to know that I loved strong, and hadClosed TuesdaysAir Force in Britain. This year all I will say is I am veryokay to look back and re ect on life, but learn from theno boundaries where love was concerned, and they knew proud of my parents, not just for their service but beingmistakes and keep moving forward. that I could walk in their shoes and could respect bothMondays the outstanding people, they were. I think life is a choice and by that, I mean how weviews. I may not agree with you, however, I could agree1/2 PRICE WingsWhich brings this around to a question I was askedchoose to live it.I wake up and tell myself what myto disagree, and still show respect. To be seen as a givingFriday & Saturdays recently. day is going to look like.I choose to wake up smiling,person, sometimes to my own detriment. I could admit IPrime Rib DinnerI was asked what life meant to me and how I wouldI choose the mood and tone of my day, I choose howwas wrong when I was. wantpeopletoremembermeafterIwasgone.MyI will react to forces that are either for or against me, IMost of all I want to be remembered at how muchthoughtwasImnotcheckingoutyet,thenIchoose the energy Im going to give, I choose the waylove I have for my husband, daughters, sons-in-law andWe recommendrst thought about my parents and what they instilled in me.people will speak to me, I choose to set boundaries, Igrandchildren, my family and friends, and the total joy Ireservations, Hopefully I have carried those traits over to my life andchoose to start every day with purpose and intentionhave in their presence. as seating is instilled these values in our children.and that sets the day for me.Please dont think thisOn a lighter note, I also know I will be rememberedlimited.As I get older, or as my daughters tell me in my ad- is always easy, it takes willingness, accountability and for my addiction to wearing scarves, the love for wearing vancing years, I truly have more respect for life.I have a lot of hard work.No one is coming to do it for you.navy blue and ironing my pillowcases and tea towels. always thought it is such a shame that we have to ageNo one!!! However, everyone has his or her quirks.while our children mature, sometimes I wish life wouldYou will notice that last paragraph has twelve Is inWouldnt it be nice to be so completely yourself that279 Queen St., Port Perryjust slow down, but somehow it seems to be going byit, because it is all about me and how I choose to liveeveryone feels safe to be themselves too? Something to905-985-2775www.jesterscourt.cafaster than I want it to. my life.think about!!!This article was not meant to be a downer but a re-minder on this Remembrance Day of how lucky we are to be able to breath every single day and how we choose toHONESTY. INTEGRITY. FAIR PRICES.participate in our own life.Please be kind to people, because you never think that the last time, will be the last time.You think there will be more.We think we have forever, but we dont. PORT PERRY Deborah CHAPEL1763 Reach St., As a footnote, my four- Port Perry legged Latin Lover, Max,905.985.7331hasaskedmetoshow everyoneaphotoItook ofhim,(hesteppedinUXBRIDGE and wrote my article lastCHAPELmonth.)He did go on a23 Main St. S., bit much about how I em- Uxbridge barrassedhimwithmy bucket and spade when I905.852.3073follow him out to do his morning ritual. He also mentioned how he seeksPr\x1d dly S\x17 ving P\x12 t P\x10y, Uxbridge and S\x1d nding AreameoutwheneverIset foot in the washroom to prove a point. This is himLow & Low Limitedjust standing there wait- - CANADIAN INDEPENDENT -ingpatiently.ItseemsFUNERAL DIRECTORS SINCE 1860he doesnt want to misswww.lowandlow.caanything exciting.FOCUS - NOVEMBER 202125'