b'Cosmetic Dentistry ExplainedVeneers* T his is a thin piece of porcelain or plastic to cover the front teeth to change the colour or shape. It is done for chipped uneven, discoloured or oddly shipped teeth.Crowns* Crowns are used to cover up a tooth to restore to a normalshape or appearance.Reshaping / Contouring* Reshaping is done to correct crooked, chipped or irregular teeth* Contouring can alter length shape or position of teeth.Bonding* T his fills in gaps or changes the shape or colour of your teeth.Whitening*This is done to eliminate stains or to just make them a brighter shade.Veneers Crowns Reshaping/ContouringBonding WhiteningWE CAN ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ABOUT TECHNIQUES USED TO IMPROVE YOUR SMILE. Call today tobook an appointment.462 Paxton Street, Port PerryLocated across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building905-985-8459www.dentistportperry.com EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE28 FOCUS - NOVEMBER 2021'