b'P.P.L.B.C.Fingers Crossed for a Lawn Bowling Season in 2021We need to make sure that the Portbald spots. The new greens are readyof vaccines, starting with people over Perry Lawn Bowling Club survives,for action, Brian assured. 80. He estimated that 9095% of club commentedPresidentBrianMark.The club executive were hopingmembers are over 65. There were 55 With COVID-19, these are uncertainto have a playing season of some sortbowlers in 2019.times.this year, Brian commented.TheItssinkorswimforthePort This historic club was establishedbeautiful new bowling greens shouldPerryLawnBowlingClub,Brian in1895atthesitenowknownasencourage people to come back. Wepointed out. Letters have been sent Re ectionPark.In1986,itmovedhave to keep the interest up. toClubmemberstorequestearly toitscurrentlocationat16077OldBrianisinregularcontactwithpayment of their dues to ensure that SimcoeRoad.Beforethepandemic,amunicipalbylawocer,tokeepthe Club is sustainable. A full mem-which caused the cancellation of theontopoftheever-changinghealthbership is $150, which Brian called a 2020 season, it was a thriving hub forand safety protocols according to thegood deal because people can play recreation. Durham Region Health Department.as much as they want, days, evenings While it is not yet known whetherIn the future, there may be rules suchand weekends.play will be permitted this year, theas using every other green to ensureIn the days before COVID, there executiveisoptimisticallyplanningsocial distancing, Brian speculated. were tournaments, leagues and spe-for a socially distanced, safe season forTraditionally, Open Days are heldcial events such as BBQs and Ladies 2021.at the end of May to kick othe sea- Day, when men in kilts catered to the Brian explained that the time outson. That wont happen this year. Atwomen.lastsummerwasputtogooduse.the time of this writing, during redWouldyoulikemoremilkin The hiatus provided an opportunityzone,allthatispermittedisprop- your tea, maam? Brian quipped in to improve the bowling greens. Overerty maintenance. If the green light isthe voice of a Downtown Abbey but-$4,000 was spent on re-seeding andgiven, bowlers may be able to enjoyler, only with a Scottish accent.fertilizing. Because it was a dry sum- later this summer.The Club is all about friendships, mer, an additional $3,000 was spentBrian commented that lawn bowl- Brian noted. We would love to see on watering to ensure that the grassingisafunwaytoenjoyexercise,everyone again.thrived. The before and after photosfresh air, and socializing, even if cer- Newmembersarealwayswel-(above)showthatthegrassgrewtain restrictions have to be followed. come. For updates on plans for 2021, well. Volunteers keep the greens pris- People are not as scared of COVIDBrian welcomes calls at 905-985-8368.tine, by cutting it three times a weekthis year as they were last year, Brian and maintaining it so that there are noobserved, especially with the rolloutBy Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog36 FOCUS - MAY 2021'