b'Happy 150th Birthday Port Perry!Despite the pandemic, theres so many fun ways to celebrate!Grand Opening Ceremony Musicians and DancersThiscolourful,commemorativeWhat better way to celebrate than bannerwillbeproudlydisplayedwith song? The 150th Committee has at Palmer Park for the ocial grandtwo great ideas.opening ceremony, planned for 2 p.m. on June 9. This event will be by invi- Music for Seniorstation only, due to the COVID socialDoyouknowsomefavourite distancingrestrictions,butyoucansongs that seniors would remember watchrepeatbroadcastsonRogersfrom years ago, and would love to cable TV. There will also be audio andhearagain?Musiciansarebeing video clips on local display boards. soughttoperformparkinglotcon-A drumming demonstration and acerts to entertain the residents of West smudging ceremony, courtesy of theShoreVillageandPortPerryVilla. Mississaugas of Scugog Island FirstPerformers should be members of the Nation, will be the highlight of thissame household. event. Ifinterestedinthisfunactivity, Inviteddignitaries,including;contactCarolSalamoneatPP150@Chief Kelly LaRocca, Mayor Bobbiescugog.causingthesubjectMusic Drew,MPPLindseyParkandfor Seniors.Durham Regional Chair John Henry, willgiveshortspeeches.JonathanHousehold Harmony/van Bilsen will serve as MC. TownDriveway Dancecrier Bill McKee will make the ocialAlthoughpeoplecannotgather proclamation. in groups right now, theres nothing Community Celebrating Community wrong with taking your talent out-Regional Councillor Wilma Wottenside, and performing on your porch is taking the lead on organizing a va- Congratulations toRebecca Rainesordriveway.Membersofthesame riety of exciting events to commemo- for designing the winning entry in thehousehold are invited to sing, dance ratethelandmarksesquicentennial.Banner and Flag competition for Portorplayaninstrumenttoentertain The theme is Community CelebratingPerrys 150th birthday! It was chosenneighbours and passersby. Community. Wilma noted that manyout of eight artistic submissions.Interested? Contact Carol Salamonepeople have come up with wonder- at PP150@scugog.ca using the subject ful,COVIDsafeideastocelebratewithartwork.Tostimulateideas,Household Harmonies.Port Perrys 150th. think of messages of hope, fun places The events are expected to show- you have been or activities you enjoy.Tour de Scugog Poker Runcase our town, re ecting our history,TakeaphotoandsendittoWhodoesntloveaPokerRun? andappreciatingalloftheuniquePP150@scugog.causingthesubjectThe 150th Poker Run on July 17 will things Port Perry has to o er, WilmaDrivewayChalkbyJune1tolettake participants to all four corners commented. theorganizersknowthatyouareofScugogTownship,Wilmasaid. submitting an entry. Creations mustThe 150- kilometer course is expected Driveway Sidewalk Chalk be completed by Canada Day July 1.to take 2to 3 hours to complete, AfunfamilyactivitygearedtoJudges will visit your driveway, butso Wilma suggests, Pack a lunch! celebratePortPerryinpictures,israin happens! So remember to takeThere will be a 200-car limit and reg-the Driveway Designs project. Usingphotos of your masterpiece. Look foristration is only $20. your imagination and colourful side- driveway designs on various media walkchalk,adornyourdrivewayplatforms to mark the big 150th. Please turn to page 12FOCUS - MAY 202111'