b'EVERYBODY WANTS TO LIVE AT WEST SHORE VILLAGEAboutaweekorsoago,myelderlythree beautiful, uniform blue eggs sitting in neighbour,JuneLister,andIwerebeingthe bottom of the nest. We are all seniors liv-dive-bombed by a beautiful robin in front ofing in the West Shore bungalows and have Junes bungalow at the front door whenevernever seen anything like this before.we either came in or out or even if I simplyJune has completely closed othe side-walked by the door.We assumed she waswalk going to her front door and pulled a building a nest somewhere but as hard asdeck settee over the back to seal othe area. welooked,wecouldnt ndherhidingShe doesnt even turn on the outside light spot!at night so it doesnt disturb the Mummy-A few days ago, I was taking my puppyto-be.All the family has been informed out for a walk past the entry and the robinthey must use the rear deck door to enter. zoomed by me again! I stopped, looked allThe West Shore oce has been informed to around but still couldnt see where she wasdeliver anyyers to Junes neighbour next coming from. All of a sudden, I happened todoor and the pharmacist knows to deliver look at the wreath on Junes front door andher medications to the neighbour until the it was a Eureka moment!There on topeggs hatch! Needless to say, we are all wait-of the twig wreath June had hung to wel- ing with bated breath to see the wee ones!come visitors, was a very subtly built rob- It is interesting to see all the changes that ins nest about 5 high, designed to becomehave taken place as a result of this dreadful part of the wreath and so to disappear! ICOVID-19 period. But something like this is was amazed that it was so well hidden, buta smile moment and warms the heart. We in plain sight if you knew where to look!are all doing everything we can to stay safe I immediately called June to come haveand healthy during this tragic time but the a look and she was totally thrilled! I foundlittle miracles of Mother Natures beautiful a mirror with a handle so I could see insidecreatures bring us faith and hope! (the Mummy was gone temporarily). I foundBy resident Pat MoseyFOCUS - MAY 20217'