b'(continued from page 11)The brainstorm of Dave Ballingall,signed a special 150th lapel pin, withThere will be lawn signs and col-the poker run is a joint project witha portion of the proceeds going to- lectibleswagsuchashats,masks, the Port Perry Hospital Foundation,wards the new CT scanner. t-shirts and mugs available.with proceeds going to help purchaseKayakRiverTourshasideasonTrees will be planted in Palmer Park the CT scanner. Sign up details will bethe drawing board. Marc Gibbons isand the hamlets to mark the occasion.posted on Port Perrys 150th Facebookplanning some cycle tours, a 150 KJoining Wilma on the 150th Com-page, when plans are con rmed. for avid cyclists, plus a leisure tourmitteeare;CarolSalamone,Julie geared to families. Curran,BevBrown,TonyJanssen, Other Celebratory Events Wilma commented, It would beLanaCrosbie,MichaelFilipand Many other special events are be- much easier to have a big two or threeStewart Bennett. Mayor Bobbie Drew ing planned by local businesses andday anniversary party, but we haveandLoriBowersoftheTownship organizations.to be COVID safe and not have largeofScugogareprovidingspecial Thelistexpandseveryday,publicgatherings.Wehavefoundassistance.Wilma revealed. ways for everyone to celebrate. ThereThe list of volunteers and activities The Historical Society is rework- are so many great ways to participate.continuestogrow,Wilmareported, ing their historical walking tours, soIt will be good for businesses and theadding, I would like to give them all people can social distance and do itcommunity. credit.on their own, with a virtual guide. Everyone is invited to join in the TheOldFlameBrewingCo.is150 Ways to Celebrate festivities. Check the latest updates on coming up with a signature beer, andAsouvenirbookletisbeingcre- Port Perrys 150th Facebook page.many local restaurants will be o er- atedandwillfeature150waystoTheressomanywaystocel-ing Port Perry 150 menu items.celebrate. Tony and Lana of PP Printebrate! Wilma enthused.DanasGoldsmithinghasde- are in charge of production. By Lynn Campbell, Focus on ScugogSuddenly its SUMMERNew Abbott outdoor Rainlite candles & WoodWick quadruple wick citronella candles.207 Queen Street, Port Perry 905.985.3011 www.lukes.ca12FOCUS - MAY 2021'