b'Business Leaders PART 2Dr. Farah Walji BSC, DDS, DIP. PERIO PeriodontistWhen we think of the word Dentist, the word Teethbone loss and deterioration.springs to mind. But healthy gums also play a vital role inSometimes dental implants are the right choice for a good oral health.patient. With the advent of CT guide surgery, it is now pos-Periodontist Dr. Farah Walji joined Port Perry Dentalsible to place the dental implants without long incisions, Associatesin2005.ShereceivedherBachelorofresulting in minimal swelling and post-op discomfort.Science Degree from McGill University, and graduatedDr. Farah believes that tooth loss and gum disease seven years later as a Periodontist from Tufts Universitydont have to be a result of aging. Using modern, pro-in Boston. She uses her expertise to restore lost gum tis- active treatments, she is experienced in helping people sues to their original levels,and helps to prevent furtherkeep that youthful smile.Dr. Robert BoykoOrthodontistOrthodontist Dr. Robert Boyko of Port Perry Dentalbraces can make that commitment. Dr. Boyko gets great Associates works with children and adults to re-alignsatisfaction out of working with his patients of all ages, to their teeth for that Hollywood smile. He sees patients asre-align their teeth for that con dent smile. young as seven years of age, since early detection of de- Born in Oshawa, he earned a degree in Economics veloping issues is crucial so early interceptive treatmentand his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of can begin.Western Ontario. He completed his Orthodontic Specialty Childrens teeth are not fully formed and the jaw is stillTraining at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. growing, butxed or removable appliances are availableDr.Boykohasbeentreatingthefriendlyresidents to youngsters. Age 13 is the time when those who needof Port Perry for over 20 years.Dr. Rami Maarouf DDS DentistDr. Rami Maarouf of Port Perry Dental Associates University where he did an internship at the Rosenthal says that many of his patients are now good friends. HeAesthetic Institute. As well as restoring teeth, Dr. Rami joined the team at PPDA in January 2010. Prior to that,does crowns, bridges and root canals. He has a special he practiced dentistry for one and a half years in Madrid,interest in cosmetic veneers and implant dentistry. Spain, and for two years in Dubai. After coming to CanadaDr. Rami likes being part of the Port Perry Dental in 2007 and working in Trenton, Dr. Rami decided he likedAssociates team of professionals who work collabora-small town life, and relocated to Port Perry. tively to give each patient individual care.HegraduatedfromdentalschoolatNewYork Dr. Sandro Del Rosso H.BSC, DDS DentistDr. Sandro Del Rosso enjoys the variety of practicingtoothbrush cant reach, is vitally important to the health of general dentistry at Port Perry Dental Associates. Sinceeach tooth. Parents can help their children, as young as 1996, he has ful lled his childhood dream of a career asnewborns, by wiping their gums and cleaning their teeth a Dentist. A typical day may includelling cavities, doingfor them to prevent cavities. extractions,rootcanals,dentalimplants,bridgesandState-of-the-art technology continues to dramatically crowns. He also handles any dental emergencies.improve dental care services. Dr. Del Rossonds it re-Dr.DelRossobelievesthatlifelonggooddentalwarding to serve local families and help patients of all health relies on good oral hygiene, starting at an earlyages to smile their best smiles.age. Brushing andossing in between teeth, where the 2014 2018 2018Readers Readers ReadersChoice Awards Choice Awards Choice Awards 462 Paxton Street, Port Perry905-985-8459PORT PERRY STAR PORT PERRY STAR PORT PERRY STAR www.dentistportperry.comLocated across from the hospital in the Medical Associates buildingFOCUS - MAY 202129'