b'Waterfalls(continued from page 55)Sherman Falls - Niagara EscarpmentAlso in the Niagara escarpment area is Sherman Falls, located where the Ancaster Creek flows over the Niagara Escarpment. This is a surprisingly scenic waterfall hidden away in the middle of town. The creek is spring fed, so this waterfall has a more steady flow than many in the area.This is a very pretty waterfall. The rock here is much smoother than at most of the waterfalls in the area, and the water slides down the two tiers in a very graceful fashion. Upstream, Ancaster Creek tumbles over a smaller falls at the Old Mill Restaurant.Inglis Falls - Grey-BruceIf you want to head out of town, I would suggest Inglis Falls, in Grey-Bruce. It was on my bucket list for many years and I finally got to see it. Known as the best wa-terfall in the area, Inglis is the most visited, anytime of year. Situated in the heart of the 200-hectare Inglis Falls Conservation Area, Inglis Falls is an 18 metre (60 feet) high cas-cade, created by the Sydenham River meeting the edge of the Niagara Escarpment.The power of the water has carved a deep gorge at the base of the falls. On a clear day you can see down the valley into the City of Owen Sound, and out to the Owen Sound har-bour. There is something for everybody; a viewing platform for those unable to see over the stone wall, 7 km of trails of various difficulty, access to the Bruce Trail, more than 20 species of ferns, bird watching opportunities, a series of geological potholes and more.Smokey Hollow Falls - WaterdownSmokey Hollow Falls, in Waterdown, is where Grindstone Creek flows over the Niagara Escarpment. This waterfall is also known as Great Falls and Grind-stone Falls.To reach Smokey Hollow Falls, exit the 403 at Hwy 6 and head northwest. Turn right onto Hwy 5, and then turn right on Mill Street. The park is on the right as you descend the escarpment. There is a viewing platform. If you follow the Bruce Trail downstream, you can easily get into the gorge and to the base of the falls.Grindstone Creek appears to have a lot more water than many of the other waterfall producing creeks in the area, making it really worth the trip.Its great there are so many waterfalls so close to home. Maybe they are not as majestic as Iguau,Victoria or Angel Falls, but they are within driving distance and there is after all, a pandemic going on.Check before you go to make sure parks and the area you want to visit is open for touring.Take a picnic, and it will be family outing with great memories.Jonathan van Bilsens photosNtravel TV show, seen on RogersTV and YouTube, is now featuring Travel News Updates, similar to the ones listed above. To follow Jonathans travel adventures visit photosNtravel.com Historic Homes & Estates now available on Amazon.caThe original Historic Homes & Estates book has been out of print for 20 years, but through a process called print on demand it is once again available.Order your copy simply by searching the title name on Amazon.ca. The book will be delivered directly to you.Other books also available on this site include: Lost Scugog; Uxbridge: The Good Old Days; Uxbridge: The First 100 Years; Port Perry Before There Was Colour.56FOCUS - MAY 2021'