b'Pegasus(continued from page 41)major renovation The barn loft is to be transformed into a Community Education Centre for volunteer training and the delivery of seminars and workshops to tour groups. The animals are housed by species on the ground floor of what used to be a hobbyhorse barn. Feed is prepared in the former tack room. Donations of vegetables from Port Perry Foodland are appreciated to help cut costs, Jack noted.There are two donkeys, two mini horses, two pigs, three ducks and three chickens being cared for. Jack said that a cow would soon join the menagerie. On March 30, a caring volunteer was bringing in a chicken that wasJack andBlanche. Stella.found running loose in Brampton. Pegasus also works collaboratively with other sanctuaries in the area. and improved access to the second floor.FarmSanctuary,Jacknoted.Itsfounder,wellknown Jack is hoping that pandemic restrictions will ease up inDonationsanddiscountsfromsuppliersarebeingadvocate and author Gene Baur, gave Jack some good the near future, to allow people to visit Pegasus for smallsought. In late March, Jack said that they were goingadvice when he was starting up Pegasus in 2017. Gene VIP group tours and Community Days again. There havethrough the building permit process with the townshipwould be the ideal keynote speaker at an event such as been many kind letters of thanks from visitors, he said. of Scugog.the5thyearanniversarygalaplannedforPegasusin AlongwithPegasussocialmedia,anEducationHe was pleased that the township recognized the con- 2022, if pandemic restrictions are lifted. Jack envisions Centre is an important tool for public awareness. tribution of Pegasus to local youth by providing a $500hosting a celebratory open house including live music, Renovating the barn is an ambitious capital projectgrant.plant-based vegan snacks and farm tours. Lilian with Jack and Rita.slatedfor2021inthebusinessplan.ThematerialsThis indicated the townships support for what weThe pool of 50 volunteers and a long list of donorsa handy DONATE button on the website, and you can budgetisestimatedat$50,000.Barnroofrepairsareare doing in the community, Jack feels. We are makinghave kept Pegasus afloat despite the challenges of thecontribute through Canada Helps. Tax receipts for dona-required, and the walls and the ceiling of the loft havea positive impact. pandemic,whichnegativelyaffectedtheincomefromtions are available. A GoFundMe may be set up in the to be insulated and finished. Also needed are simpleMany volunteers are Port Perry High School students. tours and fundraisers. Volunteers range from teenagersfuture.furnishings, presentation equipment such as a projectorWe want to create a world in which all young peopleto veterinary students to retired seniors. They feed theChickens Henny and Eggbert and friends also thank and laptop, sanitary facilities, fire prevention measuresreach their full potential to contribute to society, and liveanimals, undertake enrichment activities, do barn choresyou! By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugoglives full of discovery and fulfillment, and take actionandgenerallyhelpoutaroundthefarm,withduties to make a positive difference in their community, Jackbased on their individual skill sets.commented.Corey Hulowski Topics for seminars at the new Education Centre couldupgrading the nature trails the rudimentary include: The Emotional Intelligence of Animals, DietaryAnother future goal is to upgrade SALES REPRESENTATIVE HealthandAnimalConsumption,FactoryFarming,trail system to provide public education focusing on the Animals and the Laws, Animal Diversity and Plant Earthecosystemofthe100-acreproperty.Manyspeciesof Sustainability,TheRelationshipBetween Animalsandbirds, as well as deer, rabbits and ferrets make their home Looking for the latest informationClimate Change, Animals and Your Well Being, Animalsin the natural habitat, which includes a woodlot, stream, and Culture, Animal By-Products and the Female Body,hayfields and a pond. There is also a diversity of conifer-on this changing market? Animals and Human Industry. In-house presenters andous and deciduous trees on the property. guestspeakerswouldbeengagedtoeducateanden- Its an ideal environment for nature talks and walks, Let your Local Partner In Real Estate lighten volunteers and tour participants. Jack commented.keep you up to date! Support materials are available from the U.S. basedVisitors are always interested in meeting the resident AVZ farm animals and seeing their facilities. There are twoBROCKSCall Corey today! fenced pastures, a sand ring to exercise the donkeys and the miniature horses, and a fenced pig run with a mud pit 905.903.1976 for wallowing.Theres a drip irrigated vegetable plot where children can learn how their food is grown.Carrots dont just come from a grocery store, Jack pointed out. Ryan Gale of Biofresh Farms was instrumental in the establishment of the organic gardens.It takes a village, Jack said.Pegasus Animal Sanctuary is an incorporated, not-for-Serving Port Perry &profit registered charity.Surrounding Areas Checkoutpegasussanctuary.com orthePegasus Animal Sanctuary Facebook page for photos of the happy Bert and Ernie. rescue animals enjoying life in this idyllic setting. Theres 42FOCUS - MAY 2021'