b'A Tribute to Port Perrys Island Taxi CBAADear Editor COVID booking appointment angelsI have turned in my keys to my cab for the last timeDear Editoron one of the last shifts at Island Taxi. My name is BobRetired nurse Shirley Arsenault and retired real estate and I have been a part time driver for Island Taxi for theagent Cheryl Hill are Angels in the eyes of so many better part of the last four years. Island Taxi was ownedpeople. They both have worked endless hours ensuring and operated by Marleen and Ash Esufali.The businessseniors were able to get an appointment for their COVID was established in 2001 and ran for 20 years serving thevaccine.Port Perry area and surrounding communities. In a short period of time, as of the date on this letterWhen I started working for Marleen I had thought(April 12) they had helped over hundreds of seniors that I would be transporting clients to the grocery storewith this seemingly endless task.and a variety of appointments. I found out quickly thatSeniors we talked to, no matter how hard they tried the taxi business was much more than that. Island Taxito call or get through on their computers, could not developed into a variety of essential demands includingget appointmentssome waiting two hours on their Handi-Trans (wheel chair Mobility), Community Livingphones.clients, Durham Region Transit, local and out of townWeAllthank Shirley and Cheryl for their kindness.emergencies andnally involvement in developing theLynn Doucette and Pat Leecurrent Durham Regional On Demand service. Unfortunately the lack of ridership due to COVID, the extreme rise in insurance rates, as well as the UberA readers theory on the catholic churchcars made it impossible to make a pro t. I re ect backmysteryon the loyalty of both Marleens part time and full timeDear Editordrivers and dispatchers that she had working for her.I believe I might have the solution to the Catholic She was dedicated to the well being of her employeesChurch Mystery featured in theFocus on ScugogApril and we all felt like part of Marleens team. 2021 issue on page 36.I think that it is important to recognize theWe live on Casimir Street across from the location contributions of Island Taxi and other small business towhere the Catholic Church once stood.the local and surrounding communities.The steeple might have been altered when it was I am certain that we have not heard the last ofconverted from a Methodist Church to a Catholic Marleen and Ash. A heartfelt thanks! Bob Pelletier Church circa 1885.Then after are destroyed the steeple in 1915 it appears that the front of the church was shortened and madeat so that there were only three side windows remaining.There does appear to be a larger setback PUBLISHERS NOTE: from John Street with a less steep stair to the front door.The aerial view of Port Perry taken in 1960 that Hi everyone. As you are reading this printI found on line shows the church matching the version, you more than likely realize that it is laterappearance of the 1960 photo in the April article.than normal, but of course nothing is normal theseHarold Sturmdays. This issue would normally have been in your hands on April 27, but with the situation weBig thumbs and thanks!found ourselves in, we had chosen to publish anDear Editoronline newsletter that day.On Saturday March 20, our legion held a food, bottle Most of those online stories are included in thisand can drive to support Operation Scugog Food Bank. issue and we hope you enjoy them along with soWe would like to thank the Scugogre ghters, branch many more. members, all volunteers and each and every person that Due to the delay, we are now skipping to ourdonated to make it so successful. We were thrilled to July issue and with all things crossed, it shoulddeliver a trailer of non-perishable food and $1300 in gift appear in your mailboxes on Tuesday June 29 certi cates, to Operation Scugog in time for Easter.We cant thank our advertisers enough for their unwavering support through these unusual times.Barb Doupe, We urge everyone to continue to shop Scugog,President, Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 419each and every day!WE WANT TOHEAR FROMPlease send us your letters, maximum of MaryAnn Fleming 250 words. Be aware that we cannot publishYOU! negative letters about individuals or businesses. Submit to: focus@focusonscugog.com 16 FOCUS - MAY 2021'