b'Unperfect Christmas Wishmas By Chance, My Boss Wedding,andwrites.Duringthepandemic, (continued from page 23) and Home for Harvest, which starredshe had a lovely creative opportu-Brigitte and Alys, playing sisters. nity to write a couple of scripts, in-Some of the other major moviesAndrew produces, and writes sci- cluding Unperfect Christmas Wish.wholly or partially shot in Port Perryfi comedy and dramas, including hisWithout spoiling the story for the includeAVeryCorgiChristmas,pet project the Astonishing Tales ofaudience,Brigittesharedalittlebit Astonishing Tales of Terror, Christ- Terror, while Brigitte produces, actsabout the plot. Unperfect Christmas Wishfeaturestworoommates,one who is a veterinarian, and the other who is an aspiring singer and song-writer.Theresromanceinvolved. Will her best friend Cooper turn out to be the love of her life? Apparently, a parrot will offer some great advice SCUGOGPUBLICLIBRARYAnimalsarealwayspopularin movies, Brigitte said. You cant haveBukola Walfall plays a veterinarian in the movie. Here she is a bad day on set with puppies andshown at our local Town Hall Theatre with Pete the parrot, who is Christmas. also a local resident. Bursary While the pandemic has slowedthey have done for the community, and bringing atten- for the Artsdown production, the show must gotion to the town. The Kent Farndale Bursary for the Arts deadline is on. Brigitte and Andrew shared the same big dream toapproaching!There is a bit of anxiety on set be- work together after university, she said. We have beenThe Scugog Memorial Public Library Board, which cause of COVID, Brigitte noted, buta team since 2001. administers the Kent Farndale Bursary for the Arts, is everyone is kept safe with masks, test- If you come across movie sets in town in the future,currentlyacceptingapplicationsforthe2021Bursary ing,sanitizerandsocialdistancing.chances are, its this local twosome and their crew filmingawards. The deadline to submit applications is May 28th We are grateful that our industry isin your scenic hometown, and putting it not only on theat 5 p.m. Alys looking over her lines before shootingAndrew and Brigitte recording the songsstill open during the lockdown. map, but also on the big screen. Please see our website for more information: a scene at Pet Valu in Port Perry on April 7. for this shoot in studio. ScottofferedthankstoBrigitteBy Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog http://www.scugoglibrary.ca/849/andhercompanyforeverything When only the BEST will do for Dad on Fathers day.Shop online at 905-985-6573shopweetartan.comor visit our store at @theweetartanshop 177 Queen St., Port Perry @weetartanshop FOCUS - MAY 202125'