b"Publishers Note: THUMBS DOWN - to the commuters that transit Old As some of you may have seen our newsletter in April, thisSimcoe Road and continue to litter the ditches with beer is a compilation of those and others that were emailed in tocans, liquor bottles, cigarette packages and a host of other our of ce after the deadline.garbage. Its hard to fathom what kind of people would feel Due to not publishing a June issue, we have also includedthis was acceptable behaviour. But the real shock, today, a few more in this issue and hope to be back to our regularwasnding a severed goats head on the side of the road. schedule in July. That clearly is a new low.THUMBS UP - Remember in our March 2021 issue, weTHUMBS UP - to artist Hildy Smith, who presented Port had a story on the Queen of Butter Tarts? Eleanor BaileyPerry Hospital Foundation Here for Your campaign, with a had a goal to bake and deliver (with her husband Ralphcheque for $5000 on Tuesday May 11.The printing costs as chauffeur) 5,500 butter tarts from last Easter until thisof Hildys painting titled, Port Perry Winter Waterfront was Easter well they blew it away, 6298 in one year!covered within therst day of sales and all sales since that WTG, big thumbs up!day have been donated to the campaign. The print is still available at $65 (all donated) and The Framers Gallery is THUMBS DOWN - to the Ontario Ministry of Health as tooffering a 50% off special on framing it as well. why our funeral directors are not considered essential (as of April 15, 2021). They are in direct contact with peopleTHUMBS DOWN - Undeniable that construction industry that have died from this horrible disease, in nursing homes,should bear responsibilities for causing of global warming. private residences and hospitals and with their families whoActivities related to building are responsible for 35% to 45% have been exposed. Should have been on the front line list,of CO2 releases into the atmosphere. The fresh air of Port andnally on May 3, they were included! Perry is being impacted. Yet, a subdivision builder gets THUMBS UP - A local gentleman wanted to give a thumbsrewarded for builder of the year.up to the person driving a burgundy Hummer throughTHUMBS UP - to Medical Associates of Port Perry for the McDonalds drive-thru in early April. I hope you see this asef cient communication and rollout of their vaccination you absolutely made my day by paying for my coffee.clinic, and to our medical community for their continuing and heroic commitment to local health services throughout this challenging pandemic.THUMBS DOWN - Volunteers wanted to give a great big thumbs down to the person who stole their extra-large recycling bin when it was left full on the west side of Old Simcoe Rd. north of 8th Line.People were picking up garbage in their commitment to the Adopt a Road program We are looking for a few dedicated and conscientiousin celebration of Earth Day. They went to get it right after volunteer board members to help govern the programs wethey hadnished collection, and it was gone. They are offer to people who have an intellectual disability that assisthopeful that the thief will at least recycle its contents. them to live, work and enjoy life in their community. THUMBS DOWN - to the people using the Skateboard Park at the Scugog Community Centre that refuse to use the We're especially looking for people with communications,garbage can. I took my little guy there today and the grass technology or financial backgrounds from the localwas covered in garbage. It took an hour to clean it all up.communities in and around the townships of Scugog,THUMBS UP - and a mega one at that, to the two unknown Uxbridge & Brock. gentlemen who on April 30 prevented a steel platform full If you can contribute your time, thoughtfulness & leadershipof potted plants from falling on me.As I was walking past one evening a month and are interested in exploring whetherthe display, the incredible wind somehow dislodged the this opportunity is right for you, please contact Clare Suggittplatform.I was unable to push it back nor could I let it go at board@cldn.ca for fear of it falling on me.They together were able to get it back in place.My sincerest thanks to them.It could have been a disaster.Visit www.cldn.ca to learn more about Community Living Durham NorthDo you have a Thumbs up or down that you wouldlike to see published?Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to: focus@focusonscugog.com20 FOCUS - MAY 2021"