b'A Dream Come True(continued from page 3) Theofficialgroundbreakingceremonywasheldin December of 2019. And then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. There were not many slowdowns in construction be-cause the hospice was categorized as an essential medical facility, Dr. Russell said.The grand opening wont be a gala public affair due to pandemic restrictions. A virtual tour will be posted on the website.AlsobecauseofCOVID-19,bereavementsupport volunteers will not be able to have contact with hospice residents while the pandemic is ongoing.Volunteers are the lifeblood of a hospice, said Dr. Russell,addingthatdozensofpeoplehaveoffered Residents Room. Notice the large doors that enable the bed totheir services, but more are always welcome to help outThe warm and inviting lobby.be moved outside for a breath of fresh air and sunshine. witheverythingfrombakingcookiestogardeningtoCOMMUNITY LIVINGfundraising. CEO of the Medical Associates of Port Perry. A wonder-This hospice is a dream come true. It speaks to theful addition to the team.generous spirit of our community members, who rallied Fundraising coordinator Michelle Betlem reported that to support others who are facing difficult times. there have been over 2,000 gratefully accepted donations.This story isnt about me; its about the community, The Building for Compassionate Care Campaign is Dr. Russell emphasized. The attractive hospice logo ofongoing, and you can conveniently donate through the a purple tree is symbolic of the tree of life, its brancheswebsiteatoakridgeshospice.com.Provincial,regional are a source of support that give it strength, just like theand municipal grants combined with community gener-community which supports the Oak Ridges Hospice, heosity have made this project a success. explained. Purple is also the national hospice colour.Oak Ridges Hospice is Dr. Russells baby. Way back Even though Dr. Russell took the lead, he is quick toin 2008, he first recorded notes about his idea for a hospice.share credit with others.This baby has taken a long time to deliver, he joked. The guest couch bed in each of the residents rooms that pullsFor five years, Dr. Russell served as Chair of the ORHIve dreamed of this moment for a long time.out to the level of the the bed. Board before turning the reigns over to Stephen Gray, theBy Lynn Campbell, Focus on ScugogOur community has a strong core of capable and committed health care professionalsA CT Scanner will enhance the high-quality health care that we are all soPHOTOS OF HOSPICE COURTESY OF JONATHAN VAN BILSENproud of here in Port Perry.Dr. Rebecca Wray, Physician Lead, In-Patient WardHERE FOR YOU The Care Station. COREYso it is here for you .Help us bring CT to Port Perry Give Todaywww.pphfoundation.ca 905-985-7321 x45580Here for Bringing CT and other essential equipmentPort Perry Hospital Foundationto Port Perry Hospital 451 Paxton St. Port Perry ON L9L 1L9The Spiritual Room.4FOCUS - MAY 2021'