b'Business Leaders PART 2 TICO #4577532 MCVirginia Frewvirginia.frew@marlintravel.caInitially the love of travel lures agents intoto sail certain regions and the bene ts of each cruise line to help each thetravelprofessionbuttherelationshipsguest navigate wisely. I love helping clients plan their dream cruise, they build with clients over many years holdsshe says. Cruises can be booked in some cases up to two years in them in.advance and most deposits are refundable untilnal payment, so client MCThisbusymotheroftwoownsMarlinhas completeexibility by booking early (and best choice of cabins).Travel,whereVirginiaFrewiscelebratingInquire now about our cruise groups in 2022. Call Virginia today to her 33 year anniversary this month. The team does it all from pack- discuss your next dream cruise.ages to airline tickets, but Virginia specializes in cruises. A veteran ofFor those clients limited to weekend getaways, ask us about our many cruises, she uses her knowledge of cabin locations, best timesdepartures DIRECT from Peterborough Airport.Jean Scottjean.scott@marlintravel.caA travel professional is like your own concierge, better connected,Turkey, all across Canada and many parts of the faster than the internet and able to book the un-bookable with a singleUSA. Ask her about a National Geographic Tour call. Jean Scott has over 30 years of experience in the travel industry.with G Adventures. Travel has been her passion Her years of experience have brought knowledge, skill and resourcesfor as long as she can remember and she loves to help clients realize their travel dreams. She has organized individualsharingherexperienceswithothers.Nothing and group travel, Cruise Groups, Destination Weddings and Familypleases Jean more than hearing about clients Reunions as well as Luxury Travel Packages. travel dreams and being able to make them come true. JeanhasbeenfortunateenoughtotraveltomanycountriesJean welcomes the opportunity to be a part of your travel experi-within Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, enceand looks forward to helping you discover the world!Colleen Andersoncolleen.anderson@marlintravel.caColleen Anderson has been in the travelIt is always nice to deal with a person instead of a computer and get the industry for years and is a certi ed member ofbest advice on your destination choice, necessary documentation and any the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellorsextra costs that you might occur during your travels. You can pick up the whichpromotesprofessionalismandoffersphone and call Marlin Travel anytime and be sure of helpful service.ongoingeducationaltraining.ManypeopleColleen will offer you the bene t of her lifetimes travel experience.believe that the best deals are found onlineI am de nitely looking forward to holidays after our COVID-19 hiber-but your travel consultant can usuallynd the same price or less andnation. Britain sounds like a good choice for me! Let me know yours! you have the peace of mind that someone will advocate on your behalfAlso, any questions about Britain, one of my favourite destinations, if the need arises. call me today! Janet Kelly janet.kelly@marlintravel.caJanet has always loved to travel and explore new places but herthis part of the industry as well. Ask her about love for Cuba always grows. She has been travelling there for over 30hergroupspaceonAllureoftheSeasin years and herhand knowledge is incomparable. This mother ofJanuary. rst four has travelled extensively as a family and naturally has passed theSheloveshelpingherclientsplantheir desire to travel and explore onto her kids. perfect vacation from start toShe isnish. She travels as often as she possibly can and believes thatrstpassionate about what she does and it shows hand knowledge is invaluable to her loyal clients. Janet has morein her excitement when planning the perfect dream vacation.recently been exploring cruises and learning all the ins and outs of Mallory Lawlormallory.lawlor@marlintravel.caMallory is a new face to the travel industry,Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, Europe, the USA and Caribbean.a graduate of the Travel and Tourism programMallory has experienced all different types of travel including back-and TICO certi ed. She found her passion forpacking, cruise and bus tours among others.travel during her 5 years of travelling to coun- She loves sharing her personal experiences in order to help guide tries all around the world, such as Australia, Newother travellers through their own travels.158 Casimir Street, Port Perry905-985-2268FOCUS - MAY 202127'