b'EGGBERTDelilahERNIEBLANCHEnew education centre LILIAN planned for pegasus animal sanctuaryDelilahtheduck,pigsBertandErnie,Oliviatheminiature horse, and all of their friends at the Pegasus Animal Sanctuary, really appreciate your continued support, especially now when major improvements are being planned.HENNY Pegasus founders Jack and Rita Hurst are excited to announce their plans for a new Education Centre. Located just south of Port Perry, Pegasus provides a safe and caring forever home for abused or abandoned farm animals. Jack described it as heartwarming to observe how the rescue animals have overcome their past traumas to become trusting and loving, thanks to the TLC from the volunteers who care for them. TheonlinephotographofBlanchethedonkeymakingfriends with a small child is a testament to the success of the rehabilitation OLIVIA program. Its all about bonding with the animals, Jack said. Farrier Bob Brice has earned the trust of the equines.Please turn to page 42FOCUS - MAY 202141'