b'Business LeadersPART 1Rosario Greco and Josie GrecoWith over 40 years experience, owner andJosie has been in the beauty industry for hairstylist Rosario Greco has always had a greatmore than 35 years, indulging her artisticair passionforthehairindustry.Internationallyby staying on top of the latest fashion & trends. trained, Rosario knows the importance of ongo- Extensively trained in Schwarzkopf, Goldwell, ing education to keep up with the latest cuttingKevinMurphy,RedkenandWella,Josie techniques and hair care products and in 2018specializing in colour correction and specialty obtainedtheOntarioCollegeofTradesRedtechniquesincludinghighlighting,balayage, Seal in Hairdressing.As a trained trichologist,full-colourapplication&globallighting.Josie Rosario also recognizes the importance of beingtakes great pride in listening to her guests to able to help his clients with hair loss and scalpcustomize looks that best suit their hair texture, care issues. lifestyle & face shape while maintaining their hairs health and integrity.Caroline Caballero and Jenna WilburCaroline joined RG Styles as a co-op stu- Asacosmetologyco-opstudent,Jenna dent over 7 years ago and after completingknew by grade 11 that being a hairstylist was her apprenticeship, became a licensed stylistwhat she wanted to do for the rest of her life. in 2016.Although Caroline specializes in ex- Now as a licensed stylist, Jenna specializes tensions, hair pieces, blowouts and up-styles,in precision cutting for both ladies and men it was her passion as a colourist that becameas well as wig selections,ttings and assist-evident early on as she quickly excelled at hering trichology clients.Since I was a little girl, art.I do a lot of free hand work, like balayageIlovedgivingmakeoverstoeveryonesaid andshadowroottechniquesaysCaroline.Jenna everything about my job helps make Customcolorworkisespeciallyrewardingpeople feel better about themselves and I en-when I see how happy it makes my clients.joy every minute of it.Jeri-Lynn Saunders and PJenn Michel and Melissa Braul Rogers ooksAfter 16 years as a stylist, Jeri-Lynn is stillI love the balance of working with both men and as passionate & enthusiastic about hairdress- women in my chair. ing today as when sherst started her career. Extensively trained in multiple colour lines, her knowledge & experience as a colourist allowsInternationallytrained,PaulRogershas her to create great looks ranging from subtlebeen perfecting the craft of hairstyling for over and natural to funky and playful and with her35 years.Whether you are a woman looking precision cutting skills she can offer clients afor an amazing new haircut or colour or a man wide range of styles from long & luxurious tolooking for todays trendiest barber cuts, Pauls short or pixie.In recent years, mens barberingskills and passion for people and their hair will has also become a new passion, says Jeri-Lynn,have you looking your very best.21 Wilbur Avenue, 905-985-0099|rgreco@quisk.ca|Rosario Greco Styles| @RGSTYLESMadison Solonynko In January 2020, Certified Personal Train- deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Just one er, Group Fitness Instructor & Fascial Stretchyear later, Madison was excited to announce Therapist, Madison Solonynko proudly intro- theexpansionofherbusinesstoinclude duced Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), toPersonal Training services in her Private Fit-her home town of Port Perry, at her studio,ness Studio, Train Like Mad. This intimate Stretch Like Mad. but fully equipped studio allows clients, at Madison works with clients of all ages toevery fitness level the opportunity to meet experience the advantages of this pain-freetheir fitness goals, in a safe and sanitized anduniqueformoftable-basedassistedenvironment. stretching. Focusing on the fascia and jointBoth studios are conveniently located atStretch Like Madcapsuleasthekeyelements,FSTcan79 Perry Street (at Casmir).help achieve optimal flexibility, strength andTrain Like Madpainreliefwhichcanprovideafeelingoftrainlikemad.caemail: madison@trainlikemad.ca 289-356-3700FOCUS - MAY 202119'