b'The former Settlement House building (Blong Block), with original parapets and finials. Brocks building on Queen St.gram, and Guy said, that to qualify for a grant, a buildingtensive restoration and construction of large parapets on must be restored to near its original appearance, usingthe historic Brocks Dept. Store building, which cost in historical photographs as a guide.excess of $90,000. Marina explained that construction on heritage build- Whenaskedifshethoughtreconstructionofpara-ings is extremely costly and without the assistance of thepets has added significantly to Port Perrys downtown, grant program, building owners would have no reason toMarina said, You just need to take a look up and down go the extra mile to enhance their buildings.the street at the building tops to see a much restored She added, There is a momentum that occurs as morestreetscape circa early 1900s.With the addition of new owners improve their buildings. It sets the tone for othersparapets, restored brick and stately cornices (decorative to follow suit, which provides exciting results. Since themouldings) Port Perrys downtown has become a herit-implementation more than ten restoration projects haveage jewel in Ontario.received funding. How true! Photos and story by Construction well underway on rebuilding the parapets on Queen St. Longbeforetherewasagrantprogram,workonJ. Peter Hvidsten, Focus on ScugogA Crowning Touch(continued from page 3) reconstructing the parapets on building tops got under-Fleming Heritage Restoration has undertaken most ofway. Dan Stone was one of the first, restoring his 223-225 the restoration work in the downtown over the past fourQueen St. building and adding parapets at an estimated years and its owner, Chris Fleming cant speak highlycost of $40,000.enough of Port Perry. Others followed over the years with Wayne and Carol Its an amazing town, he says,Lukereconstructingparapetsandinstallingnewwin-Mr. Fleming is very complimentary to the Heritagedows. The cost of the entire renovation topped $75,000. Committee, which he says is dedicated to the restorationIt was an expensive decision, but we want to help pre-of the towns beautiful historic buildings. He also ap- serve the heritage of the town, Wayne said.preciates chairman Guy Latrielle and vice-chair MarinaAmong the first projects undertaken in town by Fleming Brock who he says are always available with advice andHeritageRestorationswasconstructionofparapetsfor suggestions. Hanks Pastries in 2018. This was followed by work on the For the latest restoration Mr. Fleming brought bricks informer Currie block, at the corner of Queen and Perry St., from overseas. He purchased yellow bricks from Englandowned by the Latrielle and Puckrin families. and red bricks from Germany, which he says are muchThe largest project Chris has undertaken was the ex-stronger and closely reflect the brick colours used in Port Perry back in 1885.Maintenance on century old commercial buildings is an ongoing challenge, but fortunately people who live in the community and show a deep pride of ownership in their buildings own the majority of Port Perrys.Inanefforttoassistandinspireproperrestora-tion of heritage buildings, in 2016 the Scugog Heritage Committee and the Township of Scugog implemented a Heritage Conservation Area Grant Program. The pro-gram encourages restoration and improvements to the facades of contributing buildings in the district and offers financial help for the reconstruction of heritage attributes of the buildings.The Scugog Heritage Committee administers the pro-4FOCUS - OCTOBER 2021'