b'Deb Burton(continued from page 13) cial. I give an extra helping hand to the Objects would fly across rooms. Peopleolder people. Id really love to thank all would get locked in washrooms. Doorsthe people who have come and gone in would open and close on their own. my life. People mean everything to me.Mediums assisted some of the spirits Deb has an amazing memory.to move on to the light. But some ghostsPeople pop up from years ago, and stayed. I remember their favourite food orders After awhile, Deb said, There wasand drinks.a comfortableness most of the time be- Butitstimetoretire,Debhas tween ghosts and people. decided. With social distancing due to DebhelpedthelateauthorTerrythepandemic,customersarescattered Boyle by sharing ghost stories to includeupstairs, downstairs and on the patio.in his Haunted Ontario books. WorkingatJestersistoohardon Butitstherealpeople,customersthis ole body of mine, Deb said, noting who became friends that Deb will re- On Saturday November 6, Deb willthat dinner plates each weigh 5 lbs.member and miss. hang up her apron for the last time.She stopped wearing a Fitbit because she put in so many steps daily that it was SO MANY BABIES!calling her an over achiever.I dont know how many babies I have held! Deb said.Ive worn my tendons out, she added. But I still love My regulars are multi-generational. the job and the people. Its been a wild ride.During her quarter of a century on duty at Jesters,she has seen customers get married and divorced, haveYou might see Deb again, filling in for someone who is birthdays and babies. Shes watched those babies growoff sick. If needed, shes willing to don her professional up and celebrate getting their drivers licenses and otherall black outfit and the apron with the tools of the trade, a milestones at the restaurant. Many got served their firstpen, a notebook, and a lighter for the candles.alcoholic drink by their favourite waitress, Deb, who hasOr you may spot Deb one day, enjoy-earned many Waitress of the Year Awards. ing her favourite Jesters Court dinner, Waitressing is a fantastic job. I love it, Deb said. Ithe salmon, as a customer.value people. I like to try to make my customers feel spe- By Lynn Campbell, Focus on ScugogThanksgiving Dinnerio Ontar y, r e Per t Galor Por | eet Books Str y r Per 175 Please drop by to celebratePre-order Take-Out or Dine InPl the release of: at e t he r el ease of :ease dr op by t o cel ebr Sunday Oct 10 & Monday Oct 11pm 7:003:002021 6, October WednesdayTURKEY DINNER & Cr acked Pots ALL THE FIXINSCracked PotsHeather Tucker TURKEYHeather TuckerAuthor of The Clay Girl STUFFINGMASHED POTATOESer uck T eather HROASTED CARROTSPots acked Cr $2495 GRAVYWednesday October 6, 2021 CRANBERRY SAUCEBook Signing 7:00 pm3:00PUMPKIN OR APPLE PIEWednesday, October 6, 2021 gobble175Perry Books Galore ry, Ontariogobble $243:00-7:00 p.m.Street |Port Per gobble: f o e s ea el r e h t e t a ebr el c o t by p o r d e s ea Pl Available at: CALL NOWBOOKS GALORE & MORE Check us out on Facebook or instagram 905 985 8645 (@jesters_court) for pre-orders, booksgalore@rogers.com cut off times, etc. www.jesterscourt.ca175 Perry Street - Port Perry 905-985-2775 279 Queen St., Port Perry14FOCUS - OCTOBER 2021'