b'Secret Lives of SPIDERSwith Catherine Scott TUESDAY OCTOBER 26, 7 p.m.Spidersareoftenmis-understoodandfeared, PHOTOS COURTESY OF SEAN MCCANNbut there are so many spe-cies and so many unusual aspects to their lives.This presentationwillprobe intowhatmakesspiders special and explore the life histories of several species.Two male ant-mimicking spiders A male western black widow courts a female on her tangled(Mymarachne formicaria) face off web in British Columbia. in southern Ontario.Dr. Catherine Scott is an arachnologist andTo take part in this informative webinar behavioural ecologist whose research is fo- simply become a member of North Durham cused on the behaviour and communicationNature at:www.northdurhamnature.com. of black widows and other spiders. A formerThe cost is only $10 and you will be able arachnophobe, she is passionate about tryingto participate in the remaining 2021 presen-toshiftperceptionsaboutthesefascinatingtations. (As a member, you will automati-Catherine Scott creatures.cally be sent a link).207 QUEEN STREET, PORT PERRY 905.985.3011 www.lukes.caFOCUS - OCTOBER 202115'