b'DID SOMEONE SAYTREATS?LAKEVIEW DRIVE IN PORT PERRYGONE TO THE DOGS! (in a good way)Itsliketrickortreatingfordogseverydayat Clayton Grahams house in Port Perry. For over four years, the 90 year-old, has been hand-ing out free treats to up to 16 dogs a day. Some come by twice.Lynda Mills and her sweet Shih Tzu Molly are regu-lars. Clayton jokes Molly is a typical female, showing off! Molly speaks (barks twice) for her treats, and also entertains everyone with her talents for dancing and rolling over.SometimesMollygetsjealousofotherdogs, Molly still licking her lips after her treats from Clayton. Lynda said. Clayton is her special pal. If Lynda men-tions Claytons name, Mollys ears perk up and shes ready and raring to go for a walk.Before the pandemic, Lynda took Molly, a therapy dog, to delight the seniors at local retirement homes. They miss it. Visiting Clayton is the next best thing.A well- trained big black dog-named Newton often comes by with his person. Newtons treat is put on the ground. He is asked to sit. Then the command is No, not now. Newton waits patiently until he is told Its okay, take it now, and he snaps it up! Clayton said.Newton is only one, and hes really well behaved, Lynda observed.Aladyinascooterbringsherdaughters Portuguese water dog around for a biscuit every day. Fourteen-year-old Suzy often visits too. Dogs show up as early as 8 a.m.Im on duty almost all of the time, said the retiree. I dont have much on my plate. The garage door at Claytons home is always open andwelcoming.Usually,inallkindsofweather, Clayton is sitting there, in his World Series Blue Jays chairwiththecomfortablebackrest,watchingthe world go by and waiting for company. He purchased some heaters for the garage for this winter. Sometimes, his neighbour John joins him on biscuit patrol. In the afternoon, Clayton goes inside to play cards with his wife Thelma, but he doesnt mind if folks knock on the door. Please turn to page 40And then came Ozzie.FOCUS - OCTOBER 202139'