b'Fill a Purse for a Sister2021 Scugog CampaignThe Fill a Purse For a Sister Campaign is returning for the fourth year in Scugog. Last year, over 700 purses were collected and distributed to women in North Durham.What is the Fill a Purse For a Sister Campaign? How Can I Help? Founded in 2015 by Social Worker, Angel Freedman,Anyone can Fill a Purse for a Sister!thiscampaignisdedicatedtoprovidingcomfortto1.Donate a purse! Purses should be gently used and pre-women through the collecting and sharing of new andviously loved or new. Please do NOT donate purses gentlyusedpurses lledwithpersonalnecessities.that are worn out, soiled or ripped. A list of contents to Women are supported across Ontario, Canada and theinclude can be found on our Facebook page: feminine United States.hygiene products, tissue, shampoo, conditioner, tooth-brush,toothpaste,hairbrush,deodorantandsoap. When Will the Campaign Run?You may also want to include items such as gloves, TheScugogCampaignwillrunfromOctober1hats, or a co ee shop gift card. It is always nice to add December 1.a handwritten card or note to the recipient. Drop oyour purse at one of our four drop olocations (listed Where Do the Purses Go?on next page). Purses collected in Scugog are distributed to various2. Make a Financial Contribution! Send an eTransfer toservices in our area including but not limited to Adult Community Support Services in Port Perry, Family Servicesangelfreedman@rogers.comORmailachequeto: Durham,CommunityLivingDurhamNorth,HealthyFill a Purse For a Sister Campaign, 6393 Main Street Mother, Healthy Babies program in North Durham, IncomeStou ville, ON L4A 1G4. All donations of $25 or more Support Services in Uxbridge, via nurses and doctors to pa- will be issued a tax receipt. tients in Scugog, through Health Department home visits,3. Simply ask your friends to join your e orts and collect and via Food for Thought.even more! Please turn to page 18FOCUS - OCTOBER 202117'