b'lately.As I sit on my perch high above the back yard, they run around and taunt me.Even my baritone bark does not deter them.They sit perched on their hind legs and look at me, with a look of youre up there and Im down here, and you cant touch me, and they are correct.I bark back and tell them to just wait till Im let out and Ill show them, because my She parent will be back out with her bucket and spade, and if that doesnt scare them off then I guess nothing will.Wishing everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING.From, Max & He/She parentsLatin Lover(continued from page 19)went camping at the Pinery Provincial Park, not only was it my first time camping but the first time I was introduced to so much water.I have to admit I was apprehensive at first.I wasnt sure I liked getting my feet wet.It took a few tries, but then I was addicted, they couldnt get me out after that. The only thing missing was my macho red Speedo briefs. [STOP, take a moment and put that image in your brain]I am just so grateful they realized my love for water because then I graduated to dock diving, now thats a rush!!!Before I bring this to a close, has anyone else noticed that we are being invaded by an over abundance of squirrels Its a walk inWE BUY & SELLthe park,JEWELLERYCOINSenjoy the fallWATCHESSTERLINGshop at. PAPER MONEYMILITARIAESTATES WELCOMEWE MAKE HOUSEINSTANT CALLSCASHWE BUY & SELL VINTAGE JEWELLERYPort Perry 150th Celebration, Tartan Parade, Sunday October 3rd, 1p.m. featuring Golden Retrievers On site Jewellery Repair,Manufacturing & Custom DesignPort Perry SmartCentre1874 Scugog Street, Port PerryGOLDBUG Hwy. 7A across from Water Street905-985-3223INTERNATIONAL 905-985-0001Hours:Tue-Fri 10-5; Sat 10-420FOCUS - OCTOBER 2021'