b'PORT PERRYS 150th See map and schedule on page 28 and 29IthasbeenawonderfulsummerofOnce the party is over I remind you that there are celebration for Port Perrys 150th despitestill many special fall and Christmas events to celebrate the ongoing uncertainties and challenges brought on byinPortPerrysuchasAdventuresoftheBOO-seum, the global pandemic. Remembrance Day, a Christmas Market Show and the We have learned to see and do things di erently, toSanta Claus parade with its 150th theme, to name a few. become more adaptable and to appreciate things moreThe 150 team has been tireless in their commitment deeply. to celebrate Port Perrys sesquicentennial.We hope you The enthusiastic Port Perry 150 committee is planninghave enjoyed everything this community has o ered and a grandnale birthday bash to ocially conclude ourlook forward to seeing you on Sunday October 3rd.role in the celebration plans. The level of generosity and kindness knows no bounds The event will kick oon Saturday, October 2nd withhere and I am incredibly proud to serve you all.a special event presented by Town Hall 1873.WelcomeAs we face the future with renewed hope and inspira-BackFriends of Town Hall Theatre - After a lengthytion remember the success of our community is depend-closure due to COVID-19, we are thrilled to be #back- ent on our support of all that makes our community.onstage!Join us for this very special reopening concertSupport local! On behalf of Port Perrys 150 Chair, celebratingPortPerrys150thbirthdayandourmuch anticipated return to live theatre said Liz Austin. Wilma Wotten and the committee Sunday will begin with an interdenominational church service in Palmer Park at 7:30a.m. followed by a PancakeThank you to all of our sponsors!Breakfast hosted by the Rotary Club of Port Perry.There will be an Artisan Market, buskers, face painting and many events for kids to enjoy.Art activities to partici-pate in and a wonderful variety of musical entertainment will be found in our park and on our streets. RV CENTREIntruecommunityspiritmanysponsorshavecon-tributedtomakethis partypossibleandweareCommunicateFreely nalINTERNETTELEPHONETELEVISIONextremely grateful. THE ONLY 100% FIBRE OPTIC NETWORKINFORMATION AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT &Digital Services Inc. 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We offer a wide range of ser and ser able to diversify our ser organizations,inver Sept. 2021 - Dec. 2022beenvarioust offeringshaveyears,45y! thet Perr verO Scugog!vices,ser vices; stay on top of the latest trends, increase our produc & y proud to own and operate a business in the town of Por We are a family owned and operated business and have been a solid pillar in our community Digital Services Inc. Proud to be celebrating 45 years in business in Scugog! We love our community and we arenk you to t ha Ty, ON t Perr www.PPPrint.ca tion@ppprint.ca th Street, Por \x19\x10\x15\x0e\x19\x18\x15\x0e\x19\x17\x15\x15\x00\x00s\x00\x00\x11\x0e\x18\x18\x18\x0e\x13\x10\x11\x0e\x10\x10\x15\x15 201 Nor ADMIN PPPRINT\x0eCA\x00s\x00produc he photographer.AVAILABLE AT:PPPrint On November 24, the Rotary Club of Port Perry will PetValu be providing and delivering a Christmas dinner with all The Standard the trimmings, including dessert to our local seniors who Port Perry Farmerslive alone (either in their own home or apartment).Market If you would like to receive a dinner please contact Community Care at 905-985-8461 and they will be able to Port Perrys 150th ~ 2021/22 Calendar With proceeds going to Published by provide more information.Pleasecallassoonaspossibleasnumberswillbe &Digital Services Inc. limited. FOCUS - OCTOBER 202123'