b'THUMBS UP - to the workers at the Durham Regional Waste Facility on Reach Rd for being upbeat, cheerful and helpful.Also for always having treats ready for my two dogstwo big paws up for your generosity. THUMBS DOWN - to all the people who have old dilapidated house trailers in their yard right out near the street. Totally against township bylaws. Nothing but aneye sore.THUMBS UP - in late July, three boys were biking nearthe library on Old Rail Lane.I was bringing my husband home from hospital. He was sitting on his walker and slipped off the seat.I was not able to move him back. I called to the boys and they came running and successfully helped me get him back onto the seat. I called the ambulance and they helped him into the house. Thanks fellows for your quick response.THUMBS DOWN - to those who continuously speed through residential areas, at all times of the day and night. Please SLOW down before someone is seriously injured or tragically killed.THUMBS UP - to Port Perrys 150 committee! This hard working committee is made up of business people and residents who have volunteered countless hours to celebrate this momentous occasion, to showcase our town and reflect on our history through events and celebrations. A THUMBS UP as well to those who stepped up to organize and run some of these events. It is certainly not over yet, the fun continues through this month with a final celebration on October 3.THUMBS UP - to Carol at Never Enough Wool for helpingFEATURE HOME CIRCA 1890 CENTURY HOME3 2 $899,900me complete my first Knitted Knocker for my cousin who had just had a mastectomy.I had questions about the pattern so I called the store and went through it with Carol and was able to finish knitting it.Also I did not have any polyester fill to stuff the knocker, and due to COVID, ordering on-line would have taken time.Carol was kind enough to give me some fill from her personal supply so I could finish the knocker and present it to my cousin.Thank you so much Carol!We are very fortunate to have people / shop owners like you in Port Perry!! THUMBS UP - to Judy Anderson who organized the126 Crandel\x14 Stree\x11concerts in the park this summer. A great selection of musical entertainment, that was most enjoyable. Lets hope the township encourages Judy to do it again next summer. Thanks Judy!THUMBS UP - thank you to North Durham RegionalA true masterpiece featuring the perfect blend of Police who are now patrolling various Scugog roadsmodern conveniences and historical charm. Beautifully and pulling over groups of cyclists who are not abidingappointed grounds, wraparound veranda, detached by the rules of the road. Those of us who live on thesegarage, steps to downtown Port Perry and plenty of rural roads and travelling with heavy farm equipment andspace inside and out to relax and enjoy. livestock trailers are at times put in very awkward andJULIE CURRANdangerous positions when these cycling groups refuse to share the road. Huge Thank You to DRPS.SALES REPRESENTATIVERE/MAX HALLMARK FIRST GROUP REALTY LTD.Please turn to page 22 905-449-4427 | WWW.MOVINGWITHJULIE.COMHallmark First Group Realty Ltd.FOCUS - OCTOBER 202121'