b'Excited to be Open Again! Be Safe Independently in your Home Gentle, effective chiropractic careMadison Solonynko owner of Stretch Like Mad and Train LikeAt Silver Cross Oshawa, we are committed to help peopleWe believe you were born to be healthy! We provide gentle, Mad is excited to have reopened both of her private studios, conve- live safer and more independently at home. We offer aeffective chiropractic and functional health care focused on niently located at 79 Perry Street (at Casimir). wide range of Home Healthcare product solutions, includ- women, children and babies, right in the heart of downtown Enjoy a rejuvenating Fascial Stretch Therapy session in the re- ing; Elevators, Van Conversions, Stair lifts, Wheelchair lifts,Port Perry.laxingStretchLikeMadstudio,aninvigoratingworkoutintheDaily Living Aids, Ceiling lifts, Bath lifts, Mobility Scooters,We offer a collaborative, partnership-based approach to getting Private Fitness Studio, Train Like Mad or experience the bestPower Wheelchairs, Lift Chairs, Walk in Bath Tubs, Roll inyou out of pain and improving your health and quality of life over of both in a 60 minute Sweat and Stretch session.MadisonShowers, Hospital Beds, Canes and Crutches, to name athe long term. Whether youve heard about us for ourgentle, ensures that both studios are fully sanitized and wears a mask atfew. We also offer recycled options (when available) tolow-force techniques for pediatricsand women, or theincred-all times.Clients are also required to wear a mask, complete asave you money. ible results someone has gotten through our functional testing, pre-screening survey and use hand sanitizer provided. Each Silver Cross location is locally owned and we arewe have the same goal: to help you live a long, rich life, with For more information, visit trainlikemad.ca, or to book an appoint- highly trained about our products. We answer our phonesplenty of quality in your years. At Elevate Womens Health Cen-ment email madison@trainlikemad.ca or call 289-356-3700 be- after hours and welcome weekend or evening appoint- tres, our unique 13-point NeuroStructural Assessment ensures cause You Deserve to Look and Feel Your Best. ments. We are a family run business. you and your children receive the care that is just right for you!Train Like Mad / Stretch Like Mad Silver Cross Dr. Shawna Dingman79 Perry Street, Port Perry 850 King Street W., Oshawa 647-995-1251289-356-3700www.trainlikemad.ca 905-668-8560www.silvercross.comwww.ElevateWomensHealth.ca Available atPlease see our ad on page 25.See our ad on page 25. See our ad on page 25.180 Mary St. Port Perry905-985-0861Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.What are you grateful for today?Didyouknowthatpracticingfourminutesofgratitudestrengthens relationships, increases our positive emotions and lowers stress? Think of emotion as energy-in-motion. Each emotion is communicated in our bodies We are offering in person appointments with safetythrough hormones. These trigger the body to respond through tears, laughter, protocols in place and will continue with virtual as well. anxiety, smiles or any number of physical reactions. The emotion of gratitude is linked to Oxytocin, the happiness hormone and DHEA, a combatant to the stress hormone Cortisol.The simple practice of gratitude is one that will 214 Mary St. Port Perrywww.accesspsychology.ca905-982-0606 help lower stress levels, help us stay anchored in love and kindness and help usnd joy and happiness in the present moment. Journaling, praying, meditating,thinkingand/orcommunicatingourgratitudeisawonderful exercise in self-care. Even in this topsy-turvy world we have much to be thankful for. What are you grateful for today? Registered Massage TherapyDirect insurance billing To our valuableChiropractic CareSimple online booking clients, customers andMakes a great gift Manual OsteopathyRelaxing atmosphere friends, we sayBook $28 | Cards $22 AcupunctureFollowing all Covid-19 Medical and Cosmetic protocols thank you! Bundle $45 InjectablesNaturopathic Doctor therapeuticgrace@gmail.com Registered DietitianTo purchase www.therapeuticgrace.ca/shop26FOCUS - OCTOBER 2021 F 27FOOCCUUSS - -OOCCTTOOBBEERR22002211 27'