b'Big plans to celebrate Port Perry Legions landmark 75th anniversary on therst weekend in December!VICTORY IN EUROPE (VE) DAY:History was made on May 8, 1945, when theserviceinremembranceoftheWWIIArmed European War was declared to be over. It wasForces. Veterans organizations sprang up. To a day of great celebration. The local men whosupport and honour local veterans, Port Perry servedwerewelcomedhome.InAugustofBranch #419 of the Royal Canadian Legion was 1946, 80 Scugog Township veteransestablished in 1946. This year, its time marched from the Armouries to theto proudly celebrate the 75th anniver-MemorialLibraryforamemorialsary of our Port Perry Legion! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The Port Perry Legion continues Legion Vice-President Kelly Waltonto support Youth Education through revealed the exciting line up of cel- Branch #419 at 464 Bay St. was onposter,essayandpublicspeaking ebratory plans.June 16, 1962. Everett was one of thecontests. Branch #419 also sends local A formal dinner will be held on80 original members. Barb has beenyoung people to participate in track FridayDecember3intheupstairsactive in the legion for over 20 years. andeld programs in Oshawa.legion hall, with cocktails at 5:30 andThe Port Perry Legion was therstBranch #419 has been the site of dinner at 6:30 p.m. Tickets will be $25. tostarttheorganizationcalledthemanyspecialevents.On August8,On Saturday December 4, startingVeterans Sons and Daughters. Other2021,theyhostedhundredsofbik-at 1 p.m., the legion will host a dartbranchesfollowedsuit.Thenameers who were on thestop of anal tournament and rae draws in thewas eventually changed to Associatemotorcycletourtoraisefundsfor clubhouse. All welcome. Members. SickKids Hospital. A fun- lled Country Music Jam- The AssociateMembertoItwasquiteaspectacle,com- rst boree will take place in the upstairsbeelectedasPresidentwasDavidmented Barb. Hundreds of motorcy-hall beginning at 1 p.m. on SundayDurham, a veterans son. cles were lined up in parking lots and December 5. Tickets will be available In 1970, the poolroom was addedalong the street.at the bar. and in 1980, the dart room. It was well organized and COVID TheLadiesAuxiliarydonatedsafe, Barb said. I think the guests BRANCH #419 HISTORY the money to purchase the adjacenthad a good time.Port Perry Legion President Barbgreen space. Shoeless Joes provided the food and DoupeandherhusbandServiceThe purpose of the annual poppythe legion had refreshments available.Ocer Everett Doupe, provided fas- sales,heldfromthelastFridayinBarbwouldliketoremindthe cinating Legion history:OctoberthroughNovember11,ispublic that the spacious legion hall, InJulyof1925,theCanadianto directly assist veterans and theirwith bars upstairs and downstairs, is Legion of the British Empire Servicefamilies.Theresanotherimportantavailable to for rent.Leaguewasestablishedtoben- program focusing on helping home-Ongoing activities include kara-e t Canadian military veterans, theirless veterans.oke, trivia nights, Family Feud fun, spouses and dependents.Port Perry Legion annually pub- craftandyardsalesandtheever InDecemberof1960,itevolvedlishesaMilitaryRecognitionbookpopular darts. Its a community hub.into The Royal Canadian Legion. honouring veterans. Family membersWe couldnt do it all without our MeetingstoestablishthePortare encouraged to submit names, andvolunteers, Barb commented. More Perry Legion were held in the localits free of charge. volunteers are always appreciated. rst postoce.The PresidentwasTheveteranbannerprogramisNow that some pandemic restric-John L. Sweetman. another way to commemorate thosetions are lifted, people are welcome Theocialopeningofthelocalwhoserved.Withtheexceptionofto drop in to the local branch from 2020whenthepandemichit,the2 - 6 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and legion also put on the annual veter- Saturdays.Membershipformsare ans dinner and Remembrance Dayavailable at the bar, noted Barb, who service and parade. invites new members to join.The legion is well regarded for itsCheck out the Port Perry Legion fundraisingforthegreatergoodofFacebookpageformoredetailed the community, as well. informationonupcomingactivi-Barb said that the legion used toties,includingthe75thanniversary Port Perrysponsor minor sports teams, but duefestivities.Legion President, to the loss of membership, this has Barb Doupe. not been possible in recent years.By Lynn Campbell, Focus on ScugogFOCUS - OCTOBER 202153'