b'Gone to the Dogs(continued from page 39)Longago,Claytonhadapurebredhoundnamed Gully, but he hasnt had a pet for many years. He loves to see his four-legged friends. The dogs run right up to the garage, pulling on their leashes in excitement. Theres always a bowl of fresh water for his guests too.Knownforhisfriendlinessandsenseofhumour, Clayton enjoys meeting and greeting human and canine visitors alike. Some dogs like to be petted, he noticed, while others do not. But they all like the treats. Clayton stocks a variety of flavours. Some dogs, like Molly, are on a special diet for medical reasons, so Lynda brings special treats for Clayton to feed her. Clayton has aThe treat shelf, different sizes for different sized four-leggeds.supply of 14 to 16 different dog biscuits, all organized in plastic containers. I enjoy the company, Clayton said.Bacon is a big favourite, he has observed. Its very The neighbourhood missed Clayton when he went to popular. visit family out east in August. A local resident for 26 years, Clayton moved fromI should have put a sign on the door saying back in Apple Valley to Lakeview Drive 11 years ago. He has15 minutes, joked Clayton, who was gone for a week.been making his hometown a better place to be for dec- If he goes for a walk, Clayton always takes a pocket-ades. In 2016, he received an Ontario Volunteer Awardful of dog biscuits with him, just in case one of his furry for 10 years with Community Care. Before COVID hit,friends spots him and wants a treat.he regularly drove people to medical appointments.AnHes the best, Lynda said.active member of the local seniors club, Clayton was in- By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugogvolved in shuffleboard and the annual banquet for over a decade. OnTuesdaySeptember7,whiletakingphotos,we With so many activities cancelled due to COVID, host- found out that Clayton and his wife Thelma will be mov-ing visitors to stop by his garage is a pandemic safe activ- ing to Port Perry Villa, sometime in October. Not sure ity, Clayton and Lynda agreed. who will miss one another more, the dogs or Clayton. re grateful for your busi HAPPYWe a n essa n dy ou rt rust.Terry & Christine Vos & OPERATED B 1893 Scugog Street, Port PerryED YWN www.yourindependentgrocer.caOURS YOURO Hours: Sunday to Saturday 7am to 9pmNEIGHB40 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2021'