b'The Latin Lover is Back!!! by Deborah Jones Finotti, Focus on Scugog, and MaxIve been asked to step aside for this issue and let my four-legged Latin Lover, Max do his thing.I am actually thrilled to let him take over, it will give me time to do the things I need to do. Like, weeding, yard clean up, and of course all the lovely chores that need to be done in house. I may have to rethink this!!!YES!!!!! Im back everyone. Its been awhile so let mewalking her two dogs; at least they turned their heads the bring you up to speed on whats been happening with me.other way to give me privacy, as the humans waved to each Unfortunately Im still not able to do my job as a therapyother. And yes, my She parent waved with spade in hand.dog. Hospital, hospice, schools and retirement homes areAnother way I show my unwavering love, is at night I still being extra careful, but thats ok because I know Illhave my dog bed in my He/She parents bedroom, I usually be back soon. start on my bed however during the night I know my She I think you all know my She parent is allergic to me and isparent will get up, she keeps a smallashlight on her night still being a trooper by taking all her meds. Shes now addedstand. I like to show my love by moving to her side of a puffer and a new nasal spray. Now thats Love!!! So tothe bed and lying with my back up against the bed frame, show her how much I love her, one of my favourite thingsbecause I know when she gets up her feet make contact is to get my twice-daily back massages. She starts with mywith my furry side.She likes to give my body a little rub head and then slowing works her way down my back with allbefore she gets up. (She says she is trying tond her foot-10ngers massaging all they way down to my back feathers,ing so she gets a solid hold and balance.) I know she just as she is doing this I slowly walk between her legs, and aslikes to give me a body massagerst.Unfortunately, a few shenishes I curl around and start all over again. Whenweeks ago, still showing how much I care for her safety shesnished she puts her forehead on my forehead andgetting back into bed, I decided to stretch as she returned tells me how much she loves me. WHAT I DONT UNDERSTANDto bed, to give her more room to manoeuvre back into bed. is why she needs to remove all my love from her pants withShe totally missed judged her options and fellat on my a lint roller, then straight into the washroom to wash herbed instead. All I can say is she should be grateful I had hands, and right up to her elbows? vacated my bed or else her injuries could have been worse. Of course some of this so-called Love I think is goingJust saying!!! I mean at least I no longer lie between the a bit too far. Do you have any idea whats its like to headbathroom and bedroom door. That time she tripped over out to do my bodily function and have my She parent followme and got a concession. Hence the need for aashlight.me with a bucket and a spade. I mean REALLY!!! And then sheMy all time favourite place to be is the beach, which is says,I do this because I love you. Just because I seekwhere my Latin roots lie. When my He/She parentsrst res-her out when she is in the bathroom does not mean I needcued me I was 16 months, it was a short time after that we to be humiliated in public. The other day our neighbour wasPlease turn to page 20Celebratingour first Year in BusinessGIVE THANKS GIVE BACKOctober 1216 180 Queen Street $2 - 10 ozcoffeeDownTown Port Perry with $1 going to the Oak Ridges HospiceFOCUS - OCTOBER 202119'