b'Got strong feelings about food? You must be a food lover.Join us on Facebook where food lovers unite through fun and educational activities that encourage kids to learn more about the food we eat, share the food we have, and protect the environment our food comes from. & OPERATED B 1893 Scugog Street, Port PerryED YWN www.yourindependentgrocer.caOSUR YOURO Hours:Sunday to Saturday7am to 10pmNEIGHBCreating smiles since 1992Your Con\x1f dent Smile is Our Goal!Services Include: General Dentistry Restorative DentistryIV SedationCosmetic DentistryGum Surgies Orthodontics Periodontal Dental EmergenciesSTOUFFVILLE15930 Old Simcoe Road STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREETOther locations to serve you:Port Perry TORONTO STREET STOUFFVILLE SUNDERLAND905-985-7777 29 Toronto St., 15 Ringwood Dr., 26 Church St.,SUNDERLAND TORONTO STREET NORTH PORTwww.thedentalcentre.ca Uxbridge Stouffville Sunderland905-852-7382 905-642-5777 705-357-3161NORTH PORT SUNDERLANDNORTH PORT'