b'Camilles Corner (continued from page 17) Retirement Village.She readily agreed to an interview to reminisce about herA NAME FOR OUR GIFT SHOPAuxiliary members were asked tothe location of the current gift shop. time volunteering for the auxiliary and(Formerly called the Tuck Shop)bring gifts to stock the shop and thirtyBut it still remained the Gift Shop.How thrilled the Auxiliary members were in the 1960s to learn that, in the new hospital was cheery and welcoming through- on Paxton Street, they would have their first gift shop.After the opening of the new organizationscontributed.WomenA name for the shop was in order.So,out.When jokingly asked about herhospital, April 20, 1969, where the Auxiliary had served refreshments to the 1,500 fromtwoU.C.W.sstaffedtheshopa contest was held.Auxiliary mem- age, she replied equally jokingly, Imvisitors, the members got to work knitting, sewing, contributing, to stock the gift shop.for the first week and then other orga- bers could submit names of worthyIt opened on Tuesday, September 23, 1969 (the day after the September meeting). It nizations volunteered to help. Aftermembers who had made significantgetting old.Im into my nineties.Butwas staffed by Auxiliary members.On duty for the afternoon shift was Camille Crozier, as a lady often does, she chose to keepand she was hooked!During the next 30+ years her active support for the gift shop being open for three months the auxil- contributions to the auxiliary and thehas never wavered. As well as working a regular shift, she has:iary had a tidy profit of$389.92. winning person would have the shopher exact age to herself. been the coordinator for finding staff from the Island (Grace U.C.W.);Camillekeptdoingshiftsatc rocheted countless baby shawls;Soon a glass window was installednamed after her.The names of manyCamilles Corner well into her late 80s, found many knitter friends to knit beautiful articles and sewers to make in the wall facing the hall so that cus- worthypeopleweresubmitted,allgorgeous baby quilts to be sold in the shop;often taking the last one of the day, was, for many years, Treasurer of the gift shop;tomers could see what there was toof whom had volunteered for yearsthen driving herself back to her home with Isobel Wilson, was for several years a buyer for the shop.purchase, but it was still a very smallwiththeauxiliary,heldleadershipon the island at 7:30 p.m. winter and(Her support and suggestions have been sought by subsequent treasurers and buyers.)shop. positions and had been very involvedIn addition to her dedication to the gift shop, Camille has also been an active participant Undaunted,theauxiliarymadewithcommitteesandfundraising.summer.She took the refreshment cartin other Auxiliary projects:aroundtopatientsonMondayeve-In 1975 when the In-Service Adult Hospital Volunteers were started, she was one plans to move to a bigger area and in(See letter of nomination on next page.) nings for years.She put lace on bootiesof the 14 auxiliary members who took the training, and a regular shift.She is still November 1984 they were able to takeCamilleCrozierwasthepersonworking that shift Monday evenings.over a somewhat larger area, still inhonoured to have her name chosen.for babies and much, much more.IShe helps Pat Taylor decorate with lace the hand-knit baby bootees which are did a lot.I enjoyed it. she said, with apresented to every baby born in our hospital.the lobby of the east doors.The shopShe had worked in the gift shop sincefeeling of being well satisfied with her She supports such projects as:was making money for the hospital,the opening day in 1969, had taken - penny collection contribution.-lottery calendars aswastheauxiliarywithitsmanyaweeklyshiftcontinuouslysinceToday Camilles Corner is a thriv doll draws fundraising events, so when the newthen and held the positions of shop - bake sales inggiftshopwhereyoucanbuy - auctions addition to the hospital was in pro- buyer and treasurer for many years.beautifulgiftsorsomethinglovelyand on and on .gress, the auxiliary made a plea to theIn 1999, a new sign saying Welcomefor yourself.Many volunteers regu- In our hospital, we have honoured two men:administration for another even largerto Camilles Corner was hung and1.n 1984, the Matthew B. Dymond Wing was named for the talented physician and Ilarlystafftheshop,thebuyersarepolitician who emigrated from Scotland to Canada in 1926, and to Port Perry in space. Their request was granted andthe gift shop has remained Camillesconstantly on the lookout for unique1942, to serve the people of all Scugog Township.Wonderful to meet Camille in person, mid-onJanuary28,1995,thegiftshopCorner since then. 2.n 1995, the Stephen B. Roman Wing was named for the young man who Iitems and the customers enjoy shop- emigrated from Europe to the Island in 1937.After his successful career, and July, at her home in West Shore Village. moved to its much larger new area inToday Camille resides at West Shoreping there. death, the Roman Foundation made a substantial donation toward the building of our latest addition.The Auxiliary has often been called the heart of the Hospital. The gift shop is the arm Camilles Corner is proud of the Auxiliary which, through the years, has been a consistent money-raising part of the to be 50 years old on Auxiliary.September 23rd.I believe it is appropriated at the time to honour a loyal Auxiliary member who has also been a dedicated worker for the gift shop, since its inception.Please come and enjoy theI respectfully suggest that we name our gift shop:celebrations with us.The Camille Crozier Gift ShopMonday September 23rd Lakeridge Health Port Perry9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.or Camilles Gift Shop or C.C. Gift Shop.Special guests at 11 a.m. Sincerely,Outside Camilles Corner east lobby of the hospital. 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