b'WELCOME Dr. J. Cottrell TO DR. RYAN SICILIANO!Ryan is the newest addition to the Port Perry Dental Center. Born in Montreal, he moved to Whitby Dr. C. Ban eld at a young age with a passion for dentistry since he can remember!Dr. Ryan Siciliano returned to Montreal at McGill University where he received Degrees in Physiology/ E.G. Harrison Scholarships for Mathematics and Computerethics and community involvement.Science before going on to receiveIn his spare time, Ryan enjoys Dr. Pearson his Doctor of Dental Medicine incooking, travelling and spending 2018. After obtaining his dentaltime with his family and friends. degree, Ryan completed a year ofHe plays hockey in the winter and General Practice Residency trainingsoccer during the school year withat the Jewish General Hospital ina team of dentists called the MightyMontreal as Chief Dental Resident. Molars.During his time at McGill He has travelled on a Dr. Richardson University, Ryan was very activehumanitarian mission to serve in student politics and was electedpatients in need in remote villages as student body president for theof Nicaragua. In Montreal, he was McGill Dental Students Society.head volunteer for the MobileHe has been awarded theDental Clinic that travelled Dr. James McCutcheon Medalthroughout the city to help patients and the Prix Micheline-Blaine forof different communities. He is a Dr. R. Siciliano qualities of leadership and thepassionate and devoted dentist Dr. William Boroff and Dr. Jameswho loves all aspects of dentistry!Dr. B. Frackowiak Your Hometown Dental Professionalsport perry dental centreReaders 238 Queen Street - Port PerryChoice Awards 905-985-8451Dr. M. Dhillon PORT PERRY STAR www.iluvmydentist.com BUSINESS OF THE YEAR32 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2019'