b'Mooseon theLooseThumbs up for lighting up our skiesDear EditorOn behalf of the citizens of Caesarea, I would like to thank Mike and Debbie Davidson and helpers for thereworks displays they had put on for May 24 and July 1at Peace Park.The displays were great and are really appreciated. Thanks again.Lois SummersFrom Wales to ScugogDear EditorFrom August 5th to August 8th, the 1st Port Perry Scouts hosted 40 Venturers from Wales.The Venturers were treated to canoeing, rowing, swimming at Birds Eye Pool, a visit to Scugog Shores Museum, a tour of Port Perry and a trip to Toronto for an adventure.This was made possible with the help of our giving community and On July 28, very surprised Manchester residents had this visitorwonderful Leaders.right in their backyard! Yikes! Not too unusual for a bear, but aWe would like to thank the following for their moose, really? .and generous supportHerringtons Butcher Shop, Trading Believe it or not, a moose was spotted again (and assuming it isPost, White Feather Farms, Rotary Club, Port Perry the same one) at Bigelow and Bay Sts., on August 7. Wow! Lions, Odd Fellows/Rebekahs, Knights of Columbus, Rowing Club, Scugog Shores Museum, Scouts Canada, Township of Scugog, MPP Lindsey Park, MP Erin OToole, Brook Prusinski,Heather Goodman, Brenda and Gary Manns, Audrey Geer, Barb Jordan, Jeanmarie Hulaj, Sue Beatson, Jackie Sewards and Lindsay Espie.Prior to coming to Port Perry, the Venturers had been at the World Scouting Jamboree in Virginia for two weeks. Some of the youth said their time in Port Perry with our Scouting group was one of the highlights of their trip.The highlight for us was making new friends, learning about scouting in Wales and watching our youth interact with our guests, while talking about possibly going to Wales in the future. Thank you, Ellen Greenough HERE WE GROW AGAIN on behalf of the 1st Port Perry ScoutsRepairs and Service MC TICORepairs and Service Vehicle VehicleCertifications #4577532 Oil ChangesTired of pot holes and bumps Certificationsis interested in Tired of pot holes and bumps Oil Changes $29.95* + HST beating up your car?experienced travel consultants beating up your car? + HST * most vehicles 1/2 Price Alignment$29.95* *Up to 5 litres - September Special Onlyto join our family.1/2 Price Alignment * most vehicles warranty approved Call to make an The home of*Does not apply toSeptember Special Only *Up to 5 litres - synthetic oil appointment TODAY! lifetime replacementThe home of Contact Virginia Call to make an Does not apply to warranty approved * Mon-Fri. 8am - 6pm;Sat 8am - 2pm brake pads!brake pads! lifetime replacement905-985-2268 appointment TODAY! synthetic oil ALIGNMENTSBRAKESTUNE UPSEXHAUSTvirginia.frew@marlintravel.ca Mon-Fri. 8am - 6pm;Sat 8am - 2pm 1511 Reach Street, Port Perry905-985-1999ALIGNMENTSBRAKESTUNE UPSEXHAUST info@portperryautomotive.comwww.portperryautomotive.com2 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2019 1511 Reach Street, Port Perry905-985-1999 info@portperryautomotive.comwww.portperryautomotive.com'