b'Camilles CornerCONGRATULATIONS TO CAMILLES CORNER GIFT SHOP!The gift shop of the Port Perry Hospital turns 50 on September 23rdand celebrations will be taking place.Come and join us at the gift shop from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for special draws,great sales on merchandise, a walk down memory lane and, of course, cake. Special guests will bring greetings at 11 a.m. so dont miss the fun.In1952,asthefirstCommunitylet soap and many jars of fruit, jamswomen of the auxiliary served tea and Memorial Hospital was almost readyand jellies. cookies but this time to 1500 guests. to open, a call went out to the differ- Baby gowns, bed pan covers, babyAnd they were another huge success.ent organizations in the area askingsheets,surgicalstockings,cribpro- OnSeptember23,1969the foratleasttwoladieswhocouldtectors, quilted pads, and small andWomens Auxiliary of the Community come to a meeting and would be in- large drape sheets were sewn by theMemorialHospitalopenedatiny terested in forming an auxiliary.Ansewing committee. tuck shop just inside the east doors, interested group of ladies turned outOnopeningdayhundredsofwhich happened, according to min-willing and ready to help and, evencookiesweremade,tea,creamandutesfromameetingtheprevious thoughnoonehadanyexperiencesugar were donated and the ladies ofday,afterabriskdiscussionhad with a hospital auxiliary, the auxiliarythe auxiliary served tea.It was theiroccurred. Women from the auxiliary was formed. first public appearance and they weretookturnsstaffingtheshopwhich Committees were set up for sew- a total success.soldsuchthingsaswritingpaper, ing,purchasingandplanninguntilEleven years later, in 1969, a newcards, candies and other useful items by opening day the cupboards wereCommunityMemorialHospitalwasforpatientsandvisitors.And,in filled with 53 pairs of pillow slips, 96built on the current Paxton Street sitethose days would you believe, they tea towels. 112 face cloths, 112 handand another official opening was setalso sold cigarettes.towels and one and a half cases of toi- to happen on April 20th.Again, thePlease turn to page 18Mrs. Victor Aldred, Auxiliary volunteer, behind the counter of theThis 1999 photo shows Camille at work under the sign of the shop Tuck Shop in 1969 serving Mrs. George Skeratt.named after her.FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 201917'