b'Not a problem!Some people thirst for adventure, while others prefer the road more travelled.One paths no better than the other; the choice is a matter of personal preference, and part of what makes us unique individuals. Thereslittledoubtwhichend ofthiscontinuumKentJamieson leans toward.The Port Perry native recently returned home, not surpris-ing for a teacher on summer hiatus. Exceptthathisreturnmarkedthe mid-pointofatwo-yearcommit-ment teaching at a private school in Singapore.Mywife[Alison]andIleft British Columbia to teach there, and our 10-year old son, Chase, goes to the school as well.Sure, it was an adjustment for all of us, but so far its been a great experience.Kenthadspent15yearsteach-ing at private facilities in BC, while Alisonoperatedamobileeduca-tional facility.Her company was called High Touch,HighTech.Shedgointo variousschools,likeafi tripeld whichcametoyou,off eringvari-ousscience-orientedmanipulatives that wouldnt have been practical to transport students to experience.Alison, Kent and Chase shown in Marina Bay and behind them, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. Please turn to page 4FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 20193'