b'2018 2018 7th AnnualReaders ReadersChoice Awards Choice AwardsPORT PERRY STAR PORT PERRY STAR Spreading BESTBESTFree DENTIST DENTAL OFFICETo wisdom once again presented by Smilesor not, that is the question. SATURDAYSo farwe have Why remove wisdom teeth if there is no pain? SEPTEMBER 21 helped over PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE REGISTRATION STARTS AT 8:30 AM and 1000 * Wisdom teeth appear at age 15 to 25. CLOSES AT NOON local patients * Sometimes there is no space and the wisdom teeth oftenArrive early to reserve your time. grow in crooked. look and feel * If not removed they can become impacted and can leadJoin us for a day of amazing! to gum disease.* If they become trapped underneath the gums, infectionFREE DENTAL CAREand cysts can form.* Best time to remove wisdom teeth is between the ages of FOR PATIENTS IN NEED 16 and 22.* Wisdom teeth procedures are done at the office undersedation. SMIL* it only takes a few days to recover. Patients may choose ONE of the E.following treatments: . Proudly giving back . Proudly giving backCleaning, Filling, or Extraction . . to our Community to our Community. . . . .Must be over 18 years of age to participatePatients will be seen on a first-come first-served basis. .I T . . . S .FREEErosion Cavity Cysts Crowding Infection. When the wisdom toothCysts can destroy theCrowding occurs when theWhen an impacted wisdomBACK IF POSSIBLE, PLEASE BRING Ahits the neighbouringbone and damage otherwisdom tooth pushes hardtooth pushes through the gum,THIS molar, it can causeteeth. Cyst formation isagainst other teeth, causingan infection can form aroundYEAR NON PERISHABLE FOOD ITEM infection. uncommon. crowding. the top of the tooth. FOR OUR FOOD DRIVE.IT IS VERY WISE TO HAVE YOUR WISDOM TEETH CHECKED BY OURPROFESSIONAL DENTISTS AT PORT PERRY DENTAL ASSOCIATES.Call our office for more information. 462 Paxton Street, Port PerryCall today to book an appointment. Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building905-985-8459www.dentistportperry.com28 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2019'