b'EXCITEMENT BUILDING OVERENJOY THE FALL DAYS ON OUR PATIOA COMEDY COMING TO PORT PERRY THIS FALL FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHTSMany residents of Scugog have had the pleasure ofPRIME RIB seeing Graeme Powell on stage. Powell has been aDINNER x-ture in the local Borelians Community Theatre group for$26 per personmany years and another of his plays, Palmer Park, justIncludes 8oz. completed a successful run in February.prime rib, Renovations is the hilarious and heartwarming storychoice of potato, of Brent and Jenny, a young couple in the midst of reno- Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables.vating an old Victorian house in a small, southern Ontario town. On the surface, all seems well: they are madly in love and meeting some veryinterestingneighbours. But there are cracks in more than just the plaster. Soon, both the past and the future begin to exert pressure. RESENTFUTUREPP AI had never seen a play that took place in a construc- . STST .PA. P. Rtion zone before, says Powell, And since I was in the E. E SR N EUT U Tmiddle of renovating my own home, I thought it might . . . .F . . . U F. . . T N E S E R P . . . . . . . . E R U Tmake for an interesting setting with lots of opportuni- 279 Queen St., Port Perry.T S A Pties for physical comedy. The characters emerged based905-985-2775 Book an appointment with one of our somewhat on my experiences of having just moved to awww.jesterscourt.ca psychics today.small town - but most of what you see in the play is from my imagination.The show opens Thanksgiving weekend and will run for two weekends only: October 10-12 and October 17-19.Tickets are available online atCustom Exhaust www.townhalltheatre.caand also in person at theand Town Hall Theatre,Muf\x1f er Repair 302 Queen Street in Port Perry.Light Truck and Car RepairsCUSTOM EXHAUST & AUTO INC.New Call or see us \x1e rst! Location 905-985-0900131 Northport Road, Unit 5 & 6 Port Perrygaryscustomexhaust@hotmail.comMonFri: 8 am - 5:30 pm; Saturdays by appointment.FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 201945'