b'THUMBS DOWN -to those of you that walk your dog in Cartwright Fields or any of our parklands and dont clean up after them. You make the responsible dog owners look bad. How would you feel about your children or grandchildren playing in the mess you leave behind?Personally I do not appreciate stepping in your mess and I am sure the soccer and baseball players do not appreciate sliding in it either. Our park is not your dumping ground.Editors note; we receive multiple thumbs down on this subject throughout the spring and summer months.BerriesTHUMBS UP - to the one in ten power boaters on Lake ARONIA Scugog who give way to the slower rowing shells. Not only is it marine law that slower boats have the right of way, but it is the sensible and courteous thing to do. These rowing shells are very low on the water and very easilyipped by the wake NATURES HEALER & PROTECTOR caused by motorized boats as they careen crazily past.Strengthens and supports immune system THUMBS UP - to my very nice and helpful neighbours on Earl Cuddie Blvd. Special thanks to Vernon who ran out to Anti-in ammatory and antioxidant e ectshelp when my dog picked up a bone in theeld and had it Improves heart healthwedged in his wide-open mouth, behind his front teeth. I Helps lower cholesterollevelscouldnt get it out, it was stuck there and of course I was in High inber, vitamin C and manganese a panic. Vernon was calm, patient, gentle and he managed to break it in to two smaller pieces. Saved the day!Contain folate, iron and vitaminsTHUMBS UP - on behalf of the citizens of Caesarea, A and E I would like to thank Mike and Debbie Davidson andExcellent source of bene cialhelpers for thereworks displays they put on for May 24th antioxidantsand July 1st at Peace Park.The displays were great and Low in calories are really appreciated. Thanks again.THUMBS DOWN - to Health Canada (Ontario) for Pick your own superberries approving outdoor grow-ops (Cannabis) without consideration for neighbouring residential properties.SEPTEMBER1TO END OF OCTOBER I have no issue with growing Cannabis when the health$ 10/ POUNDbene ts are obvious, however, when thousands of plants .and/or. are growing less than 100 feet from your front door and the odour is overpowering, it greatly diminishes the enjoyment PURCHASE YEAR ROUNDof ones home.Health Canadas outdoor approvals are not 100% organic concentrate for $45.00/bottlealigned with our municipal governments to properly plan (32 day supply, 7 pounds of berries per bottle) protocols and by-laws.Another initiative by our present government with no thought to residential homeowners.Check out Silvios E-STORE section! THUMBS DOWN - to the paving crews working on Regional Road 57 south of Caesarea for not taking their garbage (coffee cups, water bottles, drink bottles) with them at the end of their job.Leaving them all over the sides of the road is unacceptable.Shame on them for not cleaning up after themselves.Silvio Mattacchiones THUMBS UP - to organizers Shari Bown, Ronna Collard, Cheryl and all the hard working Caesarea volunteers Ar\x1dia F\x18m including Beacon Marina and the Caesarea Fire ghters, for once again holding their very successful Regatta from www.SilviosFarm.com August 2 to 4. What a great old-fashioned community event celebrating living on the lake, which has been 1251 Scugog Line 8, RR#1, Port Perry running strong since 1928!905 985 3555 Please submit two or three sentences silvio@silviosfarm.com to a maximum of 125 words to: focus@focusonscugog.com24 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2019'