50 FOCUS - NOVEMBER 2017 & Then Now 1983 2016 Long before this property at 136 Water Street became home to a fast food establishment, it was the location of a two-storey red brick house (left) owned by Joshua Curts, a former Reeve of Port Perry. It was torn down in 1971 and was used as a car lot for a number of years. The Dixie Lee Chicken and Seafood corporation purchased this property, perched atop a small rise overlooking Lake Scugog in 1980 and opened a fast food restaurant, on June 29, 1981. This was the first franchised, fast food outlet in the town and operated until 1996, when it was closed and sold. The new owners leased the building to Dave Hillier, who opened Antrim House Pub. Mr. Hillier operated at this location for 18 years, before closing in October 2013. The building was next leased to Judy Collins, who opened “The Pub” restaurant/ pub on April 12, 2014. DIXIE LEE CHICKEN & SEAFOOD Then & Now is an excerpt from the Rewind Scugog series of books by J. Peter Hvidsten. Rewind Scugog books are available at Book’s Galore & More, Perry Street, Port Perry 1900 . . . By J. Peter Hvidsten